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The dream of many young people is to run own business, namely, to open a bar. If you are a dreamer, the following step-by-step guide will help you realize your dream.

1. Type of bar

First, you have to decide what kind of bar you want to start. There are the following ones:

  • Neighborhood bar – small and snug place with homelike environment.
  • Sports bar – place for the fans of various types of sports.
  • Pub – a bar, offering wide range of beers, sometimes including the own draft beer.
  • Specialty bar – a theme-based bar, e.g. cigar bar, wine bar etc. The assortment would depend on the theme.
  • Club – the most complicated option, which can vary in size.

2. Business structure

Once you have decided on the type of your future bar, you need to choose how to start it. There are several options: start your bar from the ground up, purchase or remodel an existing one, and buy a franchise.

The most convenient and less troublesome option is to purchase an existing bar. You can visit this establishment in order to talk to the regulars, to learn about the environment.

Start your own bar from the ground up can be a long and stressful process. The advantage of this option is the opportunity to create what and how you really want.

Remodeling option is something medium between the two options above. You buy an existing bar and adapt it at yours.

The least stressful option is to buy a franchise. The flaws are the absolute absence of any individual features of a bar. As a bar owner you will become a part of some large company.

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3. Business plan

Having accomplished the option above, you should compose a business plan. It has to include the following:

  • -make a detailed description of your concept;
  • profit and loss analysis is an essential part to evaluate the profitability of a bar;
  • analysis of location;
  • review of employees;
  • possible risk management.

Further, we will focus on starting of a bar from the grounds up option.

4. Final location

It is not so simple to choose a location of your future bar. You should take into account the following factors: rent rate, type of customers, bar design and accessibility.

5. Documents

This is truly considered to be the most difficult and dreadful step of the opening bar process.

  • At first, you have to obtain an EIN (employer identification number).
  • Unless you want to open a non-alcoholic bar, you have to receive a liquor license. Alcoholic Beverage Control is the next place to visit.
  • Food-service license is also an essential thing. Even the sale of small snacks requires documental permission.
  • Building and safety department is also to be visited in case you are planning to make some construction or remodeling things.
  • Do not forget about the taxes and all issues related. To make everything properly, visit the TTB website, where you can get all the necessary information.

You have accomplished the most difficult part. Now, you have to make a design, compose a menu, purchase and install the equipment, employ the staff and stock up you bar. And do not forget about advertisement. Best of luck with your bar!