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Rain Jacket

Even deserts get rain on occasion, and when it rains it pours. No matter where your trip is set to go, it will always pay to carry around a breathable, waterproof rain jacket or poncho to get you through. The lighter and more compact the jacket, the better.

Merino Socks

No material is as quick drying or breathable as merino wool, and merino socks really are the most versatile and useful pair of socks that you will ever own. Depending on the nature of your trip, you may choose to bring a lightweight stylish pair like you might find at the online retailer Unbound Merino, or if you are trekking through Antarctica you might opt for a thicker, more sturdy pair for the extreme cold – as long as you opt for merino, you really can’t go wrong. Merino socks are lightweight, temperature regulating, and quick drying so whether you have to deal with hot jungle sweat or freezing snow or ice, merino socks will be well suited for your trip. Do yourself a favour and pickup a pair at Unbound Merino today to test out a quality pair for yourself, we guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

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Breathable T-Shirt

Whether you are travelling to freezing cold tundra or a hot tropical location, a breathable t-shirt can come in handy on your travels as a great base layer or primary shirt. A breathable t-shirt is the perfect addition to any expedition, as it will whisk moisture away from your body so that you can regulate your temperature properly, keeping you cool when needed and warm when needed. As a base layer, this is particularly handy for cold expeditions where there is a serious risk of sweat freezing against the skin with a less breathable fabric.

Baseball Cap or Snapback Hat

A baseball cap or snapback hat with a rim can easily improve any trip. Not only do they allow you to rep your favourite brands or teams and bond with your fellow travellers, but they also can improve your sense of style abroad and cover up any unsightly travel bedhead. On hikes or long tours, a good quality baseball cap or snapback hat will provide you with excellent sun protection as well. It is certainly a welcome addition to any trip.

Quick Dry Sweater

No matter where you travel or what time of year you go, it is always useful to bring a lightweight, quick drying sweater or warm long sleeved shirt. A shirt or sweater can never be too dry, just like a bed can never be too comfortable. If you are active, travelling in rainy countries or near the ocean, your clothes might inevitably become sweaty or wet at some point during your trip and it pays to come prepared. You might have already guessed at this point in the article that we love breathable, and fast drying materials for trips. A sweater that is damp or wet just won’t keep you warm the same way a dry one will, which is why investing in a nice, quick dry sweater can really benefit any trip.