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5 Environmentally-Unfriendly Things You Should Consider Replacing

windmill environment friendly

windmill environment friendly

In the modern world, wastage is a growing problem.

With a rapidly expanding human population, demand for wasteful products and items is skyrocketing, and with it, their waste products. Recycling and other green energy programs have slowed the progression of potentially harmful substances across the globe, and companies like Cars and Co are encouraging the reuse of vehicles and other household things, such as appliances and furniture to lower the amount of garbage going into landfills.

There is more that you can do at home too, without sacrificing the level of comfort and luxury that you’re used to. We have compiled a list of 5 environmentally unfriendly items you should consider replacing.

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Petrol Engine

The engine in your car could be one of the key contributors to the gradual increase of Co2 emissions in the world, but only when it’s emissions are combined with that of every other car on the road in the world – some 1.2 Billion. A car is incredibly useful, but it doesn’t have to have a damaging power source running it.

Electric cars are beginning to gain a strong market advantage, with the old arguments of a lack of power or design falling by the wayside. Tesla’s “Model X” is an electric car that is aesthetically pleasing in many aspects, and has a top speed greater than a Ferrari of comparable price.

Coal Energy at Home

Doing away with coal energy at home is easier than ever with a range of new solar options becoming available. Where before solar panels were pricey and hard to install, with little efficiency and poor life expectancy, now they have many government financing options available, and with innovations like the Tesla Battery, it’s now possible to live completely off the grid in a fully furnished house running normal appliances.

Water Wastage

Water wastage is a problem in countries lie australia, whose droughts have been legendary. In times of drought, people turned to rainwater tanks to ensure their garden would be well watered without breaking the water restriction laws in place at the time, and those tanks remain a viable option for those looking to reduce the water they waste today.

Instead of flushing your toilet with valuable drinking water, use filtered rain water instead. It will make literally no difference whatsoever to the mechanism of the cistern.

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Power-Wasting Appliances

Back in the “good ol days”, appliances used huge amounts of power for seemingly no reason whatsoever. Maybe technology was less efficient back then, but now there’s no excuse to be using power-eating devices and appliances in the home. There is a country-wide energy rating standard listed on the front of every appliance and tool needed in the home, and in each range there are energy efficient ones and wasteful ones.

The choice is yours as to which you pick.

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Recycling is a must these days, and while a large number of people recycle regularly, very few recycle everything they can. Try setting up a compost bin for food scraps, while buying as little individually packaged items as possible. The long-term benefits of this are planet-wide, and before long you won’t even notice the difference between what you bought before and what you buy now.

Using these specific tips on how to reduce your wastage is the first step toward actually reducing your waste, all you need to do is keep stepping in the right direction.