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Style and Ease of Movement

Hip-hop styles are changing. There was a time when baggy sweatpants were more than requisite for the choreography. Today, that’s not really the case. Harem pants have come back for a number of reasons, not least of which being flexibility. These pants are loose around the thighs and tight around the knees and ankles. This allows for swift, complex moves.

But when you’re looking for these kind of clothing options, you want to ensure you purchase them from a designer known for providing dancewear. The thing is, rehearsing a hip-hop show is going to put stress on your clothing. You want clothes that can move with you as you get deeper and deeper into more complex choreography.

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Finding A Designer

Getting hip hop pants from a conventional clothing outlet will ensure they wear out more quickly, and don’t function as you intend. Someone who dances understands the needs of a dancer. Someone who deals only in style isn’t designing with such needs in mind.

That being said, you don’t want a pair of hip hop pants whose only purpose is rehearsal and performance; this means you can only use them selectively. According to, harem dance pants aren’t only for rehearsal and performance; “These pants can also be warm-up pants that you wear to and from dance class when the weather becomes colder.”

From the right provider, you can expect a variety of stylistic variations, also. From the traditional “harem” cut designed to evince the styles east of the Atlantic, to modern hip-hop pants whose design is specifically in reflection of contemporary trends.

Expect any color and size to be available, and all in a durable make that will stand rehearsal as well as performance, and even day to day wear. Something else to consider: trends tend to repeat in a predictable cyclical pattern. If you’re keeping yourself in shape with dance, it’s possible you could recycle harem pants as trends shift.

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The Bigger Picture

This is the kind of goal designers should have when they’re putting together an article of dance clothing: flexibility, longevity, and style to unite the two perpetually. Also, when you buy from designers who regularly work for dance companies, it’s possible to coordinate outfits and even requisition special features which may pertain to unique performances.

Costuming in performance is one of the most important aspects of dance. Just consider what immediately comes to mind when you think “ballet”, or “tap”. You’re probably picturing a tutu and some tap shoes. Well, hip-hop similarly benefits from clothing which matches the themes and movements evoked by the music.

You want audience members to be drawn in. And you want movement to be unencumbered by the necessary costuming which acts as a visual fulcrum to draw in the crowd. This requires a bit of strategy. It also requires professionalism and experience. There’s going to be a budget involved, and wherever you can snip the ends of that budget, you’ll get more freedom.

If you can afford to practice more, and use more effective clothing options during rehearsal and performance, you’ll have a more effective performance in terms of cost and impact. Harem pants should last multiple performances, and the hours of practice which support them. And additionally, you should be able to get replacements easily—and that match the motif of the act.

If you’re still using sweatpants of varying kind to accomplish the same effect, you’re cutting yourself short. If you’re using sweatpants as a group, you’re also slightly behind on the times. Check out harem pants for trendy, effective dancewear solutions.