mother and children

We all love dad, but lets face it, there is nobody to compete with mum.

While socks or undies may be good enough for the old man, most of us have a special place in our hearts and wallets when it comes to selecting a gift for the first love of our lives.  Since we first snipped a rose off her favourite bush and gave it to her, the delight we get from seeing her face light up with a mixture of surprise and pleasure, is priceless.

I know that nothing my children can ever give me compares with my own joy at seeing the excitement in their eyes as they wait to present me with a gift; one that they have had a part in choosing especially for me.  They are particularly excited when they have found something a bit quirky which will give me a giggle as well as have a purpose.  After all these years of Christmas’, birthdays and Mother’s Day, it is easy to run out of original ideas; so I have decided to put together a few gifts for Mum which you may not have thought of…

Magic Vibrating Head Massager

mother's day head massager

Seriously, if you haven’t tried one of these you need to get one right now. These head massagers can give Mum a thrill only matched by the thought Ashton Kutcher in a towel!  Whilst this little gadget may appear simple enough, the blissful magic of it’s delicious arms sliding over your scalp is beyond compare.  Add to that a price point under $10 and you have a serious contender for the best gift mum will ever get.

The Lady of the Manor

mother's day gift

Believe it or not you can actually purchase your Mum a Scottish title so she can legally carry the title ‘Lady’.  This novel gift is a one-of-a-kind way to make your Mum feel like royalty.  The title can be used on letterheads, business cards and correspondence and comes complete with a gift box, a presentation certificate and details about your new ‘estate’.  You can even visit the land!

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Something for the Mum’s who like a tipple

wine and cheese

If your mum likes a drink or two then the wine glass / bottle will bring a smile to her face!  The mechanics of this bottle suggest that actually attempting to drink from it could end up quite messy but you can bet it will be a talking point for Mum for years to come.

Toastie Tootsies – Microwavable Slippers


For those Mum’s who will choose comfort over fashion every day of the week, here is the best invention since flannelette PJ’s.  How do they work? Well they contain a microwavable heat bag which is zapped and then placed back into the slippers to create a snug, toasty feeling all over.  I want some now!

The ‘don’t make me say it again’ button

no button

Now here’s a nifty little device that every mother can use.  It has 10 different recorded ‘NO’s’ and goes perfectly with the above gifts.  Now m’lady can nestle into her cosy armchair, with her head massager, wine glass / bottle and if anyone disturbs her she has the perfect answer button.  Available from Officeworks for under $15.

These cheap but inventive little presents are guaranteed to put a smile on any mum’s face.  Receiving a gift that is both unusual and thoughtful can be a delightful combination.  I truly hope my simple suggestions assist in bringing some joy into your Mum’s life this Mother’s Day.

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