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So you’re feeling inspired to make some improvements, good on you!

Gradually you come across more and more of the practical components of renovating and the idea loses some of its lustre. Obstacles start to arise and your enthusiasm starts to wane, but you persist. Half way through things start to pile up on you, you drag your feet to get it done and your time frame blows out, as well as your budget. You start wonder why you undertook such a big job yourself and wish you never started.

This story is common, but it doesn’t have to be yours. Forewarned is forearmed, by preparing for everything that will and can come up and you’ll sail right through it, and be enjoying the fruits of your labour in no time.


Sit down and thoroughly calculate whether or not it’s worth doing certain jobs yourself or whether you’ll need to hire a professional. If you are physically able to do larger jobs yourself factor in the price of specialized tools you’ll need for the job from companies such as Specialised Force.

To minimise costs, try to lure a handy family member or friend in to help you, try to do as much labour as you can without hiring workers, as this is where most of your money will go. Whether renovating for yourself or for resale of your property, make sure you don’t over capitalise. Know what you’re putting in financially versus what you’ll get back.


If you’re making renovations, you’ll already be pulling everything apart and will be knee deep in work anyway. You might as well go all out and make it wonderful, not something you’ll want or need to redo in a couple of years. Think creatively, but also practically, about having invested this time and money into your renovation.

You can simply get it done, or you can aim to make it amazing. You’ll appreciate the extra effort and attention to detail you put in for years to come. Use things like Pinterest to collate great ideas you’ve seen, or have a physical inspiration board. Make sure get what you really want, don’t settle on less because you just want to hurry to get it finished. Make all your decisions before you start!

Plans, Permits & Legalities

There are laws pertaining to building, plumbing, boundaries and more that you’ve got to research before you start any major jobs. There are requirements of qualifications needed to complete certain projects, so make sure you’re covered. If legal requirements are not met you could have to undo your work, pay out a large fine and if not done legally you might not be covered by home insurance if any problems arise in future.

Budget Blowouts

In nearly every renovation I’ve seen, something will come up that you didn’t budget for. You’ll be digging, hit a pipe and thousands of dollars are instantly taken out of your budget. Something will break, something will be the wrong size, or you’ll simply miscalculate. It happens every time.

Things don’t ever go to plan, so allow for extra expenses when budgeting for your renovation. Make sure this is something you can comfortably afford before you begin and commit to your job. Write down every cent you’ll be spending before you start, you forget how much money can be chewed up by a load of little things.

Time Blowouts

Create a timeline of the jobs you’re doing, list the most practical order of each task, but be prepared to throw this out of the window if problems arise. Very rarely does a renovation go to schedule. Be flexible and accept there’ll often be mistakes and changes along the way.

Don’t have anything organised like holidays or parties at the house anywhere near the time of your renovations.  You want to do this job properly and don’t want to be hindered or rushed by time constraints.

Now the unpleasant practical side of renovations is taken care of, you can get to the juicy bit of designing and letting your imagination run wild. Building a space that is entirely your creation is truly is a joyful and worthwhile process, stay inspired!