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Every year has its cycles. For people who are good at making plans and following through with them, different seasons give ample time for preparation. For other people, keeping up with the pace of a year can be challenging, and goals don’t get accomplished. One common goal for summertime is to lose weight well in advance, to look great in clothes meant for beaches, boulevards, and hot sunny days out of doors. Winter is actually one of the best times to lose fat and slim down, but without knowing exactly how to make that happen, most of us will waste that time. Here’s how to make the most of it.

Start Exercising When it’s Hardest

We’re still in the first part of 2017. Many people have new year’s resolutions to go to the gym and get fit. If you didn’t get into that groove early in the year, you still have time. Some people have a hard time making it to the gym, or out for a long run, when the weather gets cold. But this can actually be the ideal time to get started. There is always going to be some aspect of working out that is challenging and unpleasant. Everyone wants a life of ease at some level, and working out is…well…work. Getting used to going out into the cold and driving to the gym is tough at first, but if you are able to get into the habit now, it’ll be much, much easier by the time the spring and summer come around. What’s more, you’ll already have the benefit of having worked so hard in the months prior.

Coolsculpting is Great for Winter Months

Coolsculpting is one of the most effective ways to reduce fat without resorting to the scalpel. Coolsculpting can be done at a local clinic, where a physician will deliver cold temperatures directly to the fat layers that are giving you the most trouble. Cold causes fat cells to go into a different part of their life cycle, and the fat they contain is released. In the days that follow your first coolsculpting session, this fat will go back into your circulatory and digestive systems where it will be eliminated. Coolsculpting isn’t the first step you should do in your weight loss journey, but if you want certain fat regions gone, it is a great tool to have at your disposal.

Prepare for the Big Reveal

One of the great parts about getting fit in the Winter is that nobody knows you’re doing it (unless you tell them). Bulky winter clothes hide the transformation you’re accomplishing. In the summer when it’s time to wear less cloth, people will be amazed at your new bod and you’ll get a lot of compliments. Step out with a daisy dukes, or a sundress paired with summer slippers, check out NicerShoes.

Winter may not be known for provoking physical activity, but it’s a great time to start your weight loss journey. If you can lose weight during the winter, you can do it anytime of the year. So start now. Once summer comes, you’ll be so glad you made the effort now!