Fashion is an ever-changing industry that ties into many facets of life.

Business attire, neat casual wear, ezibuy women’s jumpers and heavy overalls are all fashion items and trends that have made their way into various workplaces in several industries all over the world. Keeping up to date with style is a way to maintain a modicum of social awareness and relevance, and wearing what’s fashionable is often recommended for people in the public’s eye. It can be hard to stay up-to-date with all of the newest fashions, as they seem to change every other day. With our handy guide on tips for switching up your style this season, you can be sure to stay ahead of the curve, and end up out in front and looking fantastic every step of the way.

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Colour Trends

Sometimes certain years and certain waves of fashion bring colour trends through, in which certain colours are favoured in many different items. Following a trend blindly and adorning yourself with many different kinds of the same colour or pattern is a surefire way to be just off-mark with your fashion decisions, so sticking to one item that fits these trends per outfit is advisable. Try contrasting these single talk-piece clothing items with black or white clothing elsewhere or overall, to really make those colours and stitching pattern pop.

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The Past Repeats

When in doubt about what’s coming next in terms of fashion on the horizon, there is always looking back to the past to get an idea of what’s in the future. Fashion trends tend to repeat with slight variation over decades, and when you learn to look for the signs of what came before, you’ll start to recognize those same signs now. Bits and pieces of what was fashionable in the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s can be combined to create what would largely be considered fashionable now, with very little variations on the originals.


Taking what you had before and simplifying it can often make a world of difference. For years now we’ve been taught “accessorize” to make an outfit pop, and while that still holds true for some kinds of fashion, others flounder helplessly at this advice. Taking your overcomplicated outfits and cluttered clothes and simplifying it by removing that unnecessary nonsense can really modernise an older outfit.

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Hair Change

Nothing accentuates an outfit or a style like a haircut, and unfortunately that goes both for making it stand out in a great way, and making it ridiculous in a terrible way. Making a major change to your hair can flip old favourites on their heads and make recently ridiculous concoctions look amazing. Cut off huge swathes of it, dye it technicolour, straighten it, curl it, wear it up or down and see how it changes the overall look of what you wear. Spend some time working out what works and what doesn’t at home by yourself to see how you feel comfortable going out.

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Sometimes what works for switching up your style can be just trying something different.

The fashion trends you like tend to be ones you yourself have looked good in for a while, as you know that these compliment you visually. Trying different things that you might not be familiar with can be a rewarding experience, and can open up new avenues of fashion for you in the future. Never be afraid to try something new, as even the stuff that looks good on you now was once new and uncertain.

Fashion trends changing and evolving can be detrimental sometimes, but overall they contribute to the furthering of our society, and make us look great in the meantime.