tips for leaving your apartment

If you’re a renter, then there is one sure fact that is unavoidable; at some stage you are going to have to move.  Just the thought of packing up and moving can send a collective groan through all of us, and the whole thing can quickly become a logistical nightmare that is too great for the more sensitive amongst us to contemplate.

Many of us, with an eye on our budget, take on the tasks of moving house ourselves and often pay a much heftier price in the end.  These days your bond money can be a substantial sum and it is imperative that none of it is retained by your landlord due to you running out of time or foolishly (as I once did) getting the electricity turned off before I had finished cleaning thus having no light or vacuum!

Never fear though, as below I have quickly compiled a hit list for you to make the process run a little smoother and make the transition to your new home a tad more enjoyable.

Spit n’ Polish

If you are anywhere near it, quickly run and have a look at your stove. Nightmare, right?  Unfortunately, no matter what condition your stove was in when you took up residence, that thing has to be shining like new when you leave if you want to get your bond back.

The same can be said for a myriad of other items like skirting boards, blinds, light fittings, bathrooms (how I hate those tiles!) and the list goes on.  These days I have conceded I just can’t make the grade and employ professional services like end of lease cleaning from Whizz.  I just can’t afford the time and hassle of worrying about such things.

Make your Move

Physically moving possessions is another area you may decide you can handle on your own and depending on the size of the task at hand, it may be possible.  However, do your sums.  Unless you have a family member who can supply a good sized van for the occasion, add up the costs involved in leasing a van (all the costs, including the hidden ones like insurances, toll roads and petrol) and then get a set quote from a removalist.  A removalist can often supply you with boxes which is one less thing you need to worry about.

Forgettable Fiddly-Bits

Don’t forget to organise things like mail redirection, change of address of your license, bank statements etc.

Disconnection Dilemma

Timing is all important when arranging for your amenities to be changed over. Don’t leave it till the last minute to arrange reconnection, as it can take several days.  Ensure that the electricity switch on your new apartment is at the ‘off’ position, otherwise you may find that it can’t be reconnected.

It pays to utilise the free services of companies who will disconnect things such as telephone, internet, gas and electricity and arrange to have them connected at your new residence.  As I mentioned above, don’t make the mistake of getting these turned off too early. In fact, it can make sense to have a cross over period where you are connected at both residences.

Moving Plan

Make a plan of how your moving day is going to go.

Which friends have you organised to assist and what time will they be there? Check the day before to make sure that everyone is ready for an early start.  If they happen to arrive before the van, then start moving things to the door so they will be ready and waiting to go.  Arrange for someone to be at the other end to unpack or place things as they arrive and to organise access.

Like anything in life, forewarned is forearmed. The beauty about planning your move is that you can’t plan the fun out of it like you can with some things – there never was any fun about the whole, depressing deal.  However, you can make it run as smoothly as possible with a pinch of planning, a few friends and a busload of brawny boxes.