modern taxi etiquette

[eltdf_dropcaps type=”normal” color=”#C0C0C0″ background_color=””]A[/eltdf_dropcaps] recent study by the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute shows a unique driving trend has developed between 1983 and 2014. Currently, American seniors are taking the road by storm while millennials from teen through twenty are ditching their drivers’ licenses and saying “no thanks” to the responsibilities that come with vehicle ownership. Thanks to globally accepted driving apps, many millennials opt to just press a button to schedule a ride whenever necessary. Unfortunately, many of those apps only cover up to 70% of the states in which they advertise. It’s a good thing Ann Arbor taxi service is always on call. Of course, etiquette comes into play when you’re dealing with a professional transportation team, and that’s something that must be learned to receive the best service possible. So, what is modern taxi etiquette?

Be Patient

Sure, you can call and schedule a taxi if one is available, but it’s often much easier to just hail one. However, it’s never cool to take someone else’s cab. People who use taxis as regular transportation go through the correct protocol and wait their turn to ensure a smooth and efficient ride. Pushing in front of them or cheating them out of their spot is bad karma and just makes you look like a jerk all around. It’s easy enough to find shelter and call for a pickup or just choose another out of a lineup. A little kindness goes a long way.

Be Polite

Taxi drivers aren’t servants and shouldn’t be treated as such. They go out of their way to get you where you’re going, but they have no control over the traffic. Please be polite. If a driver asks you for an address, look up from your phone and smile. If the radio is too loud, or it’s too cold in the cab, simply ask the driver to adjust the issue. If the driver helps load your luggage or helps you out of the vehicle, be sure to say thank you.

Have Your Destination Ready

Taxis run on meters, so you’re charged for time spent in the cab. After greeting the driver, let them know exactly where you need to go. The driver will have no problem getting you there, but they’re always open to route suggestions. If you know a shortcut or want to see the scenic route, speak up. Providing the names of specific landmarks and intersections are also helpful in the event the area isn’t heavily traveled.

modern taxi etiquette

Don’t Make a Mess

Most modern taxis are newer vehicles and the driver is responsible for any mess made by the passengers. Eating is usually banned and should just be avoided out of respect. Drinking is usually OK as long as there’s a lid to the container, but it’s worth asking the driver. If they say no, just wait until you reach your location. Also, be sure to remove any trash you’re responsible for and don’t leave anything important behind. Retrieving leftover property is your responsibility, not the driver’s.

Check for Flat Rates

Taxi fees can creep up on you, but there are some workarounds. If you’re traveling with friends, split the fee. And if your destination is to a common location, such as taking a taxi to DTW airport, ask directly if they have flat rates. Many taxi services are willing to work with their customers to ensure a pleasant experience all around, but don’t just pop the idea on your driver mid drive. Call in advance, check the website, or inquire politely while giving the destination.

Don’t Forget the Tip

Tips are taxi driver’s bread and butter. So, unless the driver was especially rude, unhelpful, or drove in a dangerous manner a 10-20% tip is appreciated. Most professional services today accept cash or credit payments, so you’re never put on the spot. You can even pay in advance in many cases. Typical driving co-ops may be a cheap way to get from point A to B, but remember, they’re not likely to help you with your property and provide a top-notch professional experience. Please keep proper taxi etiquette in mind the next time you require the services of Ann Arbor taxi cab.