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Long, thick lashes.Full, strong brows.Plump, defined lips. Do you see a pattern? Bold is beautiful, so the hottest beauty trends are all about the thick and voluptuous look. Unfortunately, not very many people are naturally endowed with any of these traits, making defined brows as much of a pipe-dream as flawless skin or the perfect hour-glass figure. Or at least, that’s how it used to be. Now the brightest minds of the beauty enhancement world have created a way to get the exact look you want through a variety of non-invasive, semi-permanent treatments.

A combination of expertly applied eyebrow embroidery, hair extensions, and lip pigmentation can achieve the trio of bold lashes, brows, and lips. But unlike the look — wherein any lady (or man!) can pull it off — these techniques must be performed by the professionals. Though they’re each painless, non-invasive procedures, they’re still delicate enhancements that require a steady hand, a critical eye, and knowledge of the latest methods of application.

Coming up with these on your own may be difficult. Luckily, the instructors at the leading training facility in North America can help you cultivate all three, as the trainers at LashForever Canada are uniquely qualified as teachers in this particular regard. Led by Lauren Spencer, the industry leading expert on eyelash and brow extensions, lash lifts, and microblading, their team of specialists can share with you their impressive understanding of the most popular beauty enhancements.

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As the brightest minds in beauty enhancements show you how to achieve the latest looks, they’ll explain the importance of premium tools and superior materials used in pigments and extension classes. Their classes are an opportunity to have hands-on practice leaning how to wield equipment and match pigments to skin and hair tones. Learning from established names will ensure you’ll know the safe and precise way to apply these techniques, as their methods and products meet health standards set by the FDA, Health Canada, and the EMA.

Thick lashes, fierce eyebrows, and defined lips aren’t just a pipedream; they can be a reality with the right help. You’ll be able to achieve the bold and beautiful look that has taken the beauty world by storm when you learn the most innovative ways to enhance lash, brows, and lips. Sign up for a class with the leading training facility in North America, where excellence, safety, and beauty are guaranteed. Leading-edge beauty enhancements are yours to discover.