bride awkward wedding moments

It’s your wedding day, congratulations! As exciting as it is to finally get married, your wedding day could also be quite nerve-racking.

Chances are that you’ve already taken care of most things. You’ve hired the best wedding makeup Sydney professional and you have a beautiful dress. The guests will enjoy a sophisticated reception and some really delicious appetizers. Still, a bride may experience a couple of awkward wedding moments regardless of the preparations.

The Lack of Time

One thing most brides agree with is the lack of time. Chances are that you’ll not have all of the time that you need to get your hair done, put your dress on, take the perfect wedding photos and have a good time. Even if you’ve managed to plan everything perfectly, chances are that the time will be insufficient to deal with everything in a way that you feel comfortable with. Relax and take a deep breath! Improvise! Everything will turn out perfect, as long as you don’t freak out about it.

Worries about Getting in the Dress

Wedding planning is stressful. Some brides cope with the stress by eating chocolate, chips, waffles and all other comfort foods that come in sight. All of the stress and some of the snacks could make it a bit difficult to maintain a top shape before the big day.

Even the most athletic of brides have nightmares about being incapable of getting in their wedding dress. Chances are that everything will turn out fine in the end. Still, worries about looking great can result in a couple of awkward moments (that may or may not involve a few bridesmaids and a hysteric bride).

A Practical (Bathroom) Affair

Going to the bathroom in a big, princess-style wedding dress can be truly awkward. Chances are that you haven’t considered this hindrance and planned the logistics in advance. Most brides that opt for a larger dress need the assistance of at least one bridesmaid in order to go to the bathroom. While this is far from the most challenging experience, being this vulnerable can be a little bit awkward.

Dealing with Guests

A perfect wedding can be ruined by guests who have had a couple of drinks. Some of the most awkward and embarrassing wedding day moments are linked to the speeches and the behaviour of people attending the reception. While there’s very little you can do about such individuals, their antics can potentially ruin the experience.

Chances are you have at least one aunt committed to sharing some of your most embarrassing teen moments with the world. How about the best man who’s slightly inebriated and eager to tell a few dirty jokes during his speech? Brides and grooms have cringed heavily due to the ways in which guests have attempted to contribute to the perfect wedding. Remember that you don’t control every aspect of the wedding. Take it lightly and don’t obsess about the behaviour of others. After all, they’ll give you a wedding to remember

Crying (a Lot)

Now that you have the perfect makeup, you’ll like to keep it throughout the night. Chances are that you’ll fail accomplishing the mission. Once the big day arrives, you’ll find yourself getting emotional over the smallest things. Actually, it’s ok to cry and let the emotion out. You’ll still look spectacular. 

Remember that there isn’t such a thing as a perfect wedding. If something can go wrong, it probably would. Don’t worry and don’t feel embarrassed. Have fun and share your love with the world – after all, this is the main purpose of the big day.