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Image Source: AdoramaPix

This is not a throwback to the 1980s when photos were painstakingly mounted and stuck on bound cardstock and then passed off as photo albums. To create the perfect wedding photo book in this digital age, all you need are your digital photos, a computer, and a bit of creativity and imagination. Here are some tips to help you make a meaningful and romantic wedding photo book:


Your photo book doesn’t just have to look good—it also has to feel right. Your photos should capture your unforgettable wedding celebration, particularly the mood and emotions you want to remember about it.

It’s the little imperfections and candid moments that show authentic, sincere emotions, so don’t be afraid to include that photo of your dress train getting caught onto something, unless it’s too embarrassing or unflattering. Or you can add that picture of your dad looking like he had one drink too many during his speech. Embrace the quirky moments that make your wedding memories unique.


Some photo book printing services provide design templates that make it easy to set up your layout. But don’t get too excited cramming everything into one page. The more space there is around your pictures, the cleaner the page looks.

Experts suggest that you fit only a maximum of three to four pictures in a page of an 8×8 photo book, so choose its contents wisely. This will also allow you to comfortably fit in captions within the page without making it look messy. Your photo book’s viewers will also appreciate it more since only the crucial parts are there, and you won’t bore them to death with variations of the same pictures or poses.

If you have an exceptionally good photo, let it stand out by placing it on a whole spread or a page. Be as creative with your wedding photo book as you want.


If you’re at a loss on what else you can do to prettify your photo book, why not try designing it according to your wedding theme? This will be your guide on which colors and patterns to use, making the process less confusing and more enjoyable.


Your choice of paper for photo book printing can make a lot of difference. If you don’t mind the page limit and want a luxurious look and feel for your book, flush mounts are your best bet. Or if it’s understated elegance that you’re after, you may opt to use matte paper instead. It gives off the same elegant vibe without the bulkiness that comes with flush mount photo books. But if you want yours to have the appeal of a coffee table book, you can go with the standard photo book paper produced by many photo printing companies.

Once you’ve decided on the kind of paper to use, all you have to do is have your photo book printed and wait for a few days for your chosen photo book printing company to deliver it.

Your wedding photo book is one of the most precious keepsakes you can ever have of this milestone in your life. More than being a coffee table book to show off to people, remember that the most important person to please in the process of creating it is you (and the groom, if he cares about this kind of things). So don’t stress about it too much and just set it up the way you really want to.