The fashion industry has acquired a bad reputation for favouring very thin models to promote their clothing lines for a very long time. Realistically, the sizes these fashions are created to fit just do not represent the majority of beautiful women out there. Thankfully, curvy and plus-sized women are taking back their space in the conversation, and demanding changes. Take Ashley Graham or Tess Holliday, both plus-sized models speaking out for body positivity, both stunning role models whose curves have carved their way into the hearts of the public, and the minds of designers.

plus size bikini

With the help of these women,the fashion industry is beginning to realize that it is time to create lines that not only include plus-sized women, but compliment their body type as well. One area they’re working to make these developments in is plus-sized swim wear. When it comes to the most intimate of apparel, or clothes that show off some skin, it’s easy for even a size 2 person to become nervous. How then is that supposed to feel like for someone whose body type is often stigmatized? Many online retailers are offering solutions, with a wide variety of options that offer support, coverage, and choice of styles made to accentuate the most positive aspects of a plus size body.

One of these retailers is where you can find active wear, beach wear, one-pieces, bikinis that will look good on full figured bodies, alternatives to skimpier two-pieces such as tankinis, blouson tops and swim dresses. Don’t worry if what you are looking for is not what you expected upon delivery; you can always return it for a full refund. Ashley Graham’s own collection is available exclusively on this site as well as a gym to swim collection – outfits you can work out in that can also double as swimwear, proving that a plus size bikini at swimsuitsforall is always versatile.

Shopping online has a great deal of benefits. These benefits include but are not limited to a greater variety of styles, suits that can be delivered straight to your home, the ability to try suits on in the comfort of your own living room, the ability to purchase a suit at any time of year, the option to customize, great deals and sales in the “off” season (meaning now!), and reviews from their customers –something you won’t get access to at your regular old department store.

plus size tankini

You may be thinking that you want to rock one of the many high waisted styles on your vacation this fall, but sadly all of the retail stores in your area will soon be stocked full of heavy winter coats, furry boots, and gloves in every size and color you could imagine.

It is never too early to shop for that perfect suit online. You may even find yourself booking that holiday cruise tomorrow just so that you can put in an order for that tankini style you have had your sights on. With plus sizes finally making an appearance in mainstream fashion, there has never been a better time to take advantage.