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I’m an enigma. I’m frugal who doesn’t buy something unless it’s really necessary, yet I’m also the kind of person who is willing to shell out almost a month’s worth of salary in Comic Con goodies and to meet Nicholas Hoult. I’m stubborn yet my mind could get easily convinced, if you have a strong argument. One of the things I find unnecessary but now I’m willing to spend extra bucks for it are passport covers. Yes, you’ve read that right.

When I got my first ever passport, my mom suggested that I should get a passport cover. My first question was “Why? What for?” after all, isn’t having a beat-up and well-used passport is a fashion statement, or like a “bragging trophy” suggesting you travel a lot? Below are the five reasons why my mind has changed:


This is the most obvious reason, but of course if you’re frugal and good at keeping your stuff then you’ll think it’s unnecessary. But a cover will not only protect your passport from tearing or getting bend inside your bag, but you’ll also protect it from getting liquids like if you accidentally spilled your drink. You’ll never know.

Ease of Use

A cover will help you identify your passport. There are places like hostels or group tours where you are required to give your passport, so having a cover allows you to spot your passport in a pile of other identical passports. It will also help you to easily find your passport inside your bag or luggage, especially when you’re in a hurry.


When you’re travelling in a different country, your passport is your number one prized possession beside your credit card. Did you know that if your passport is incased in a cover it will make it safer from the eyes and hands of would be thieves? Without a cover it’s easy to spot it’s a passport, and will make it an easy target. In poorer countries, a passport is worth a fortune in black market. When your passport is hidden and adorned with a cover, it can cause the thieves to place their attention elsewhere. To other poor soul not as prudent as you.


A passport cover could help you easily organize your stuff. Some covers comes with pockets where you could tuck in your travel essentials such as credit card, other identity cards, and tickets.


It may sound not that important, but a cover will make your passport stylish and unique from the rest of other passports whether you opt for minimalist or over the top designs. Plus, isn’t it nice to have a leather passport cover with your name stylishly engraved on it?

oleksynprannyk passport cover
OleksynPrannyk Personalized Passport Cover

But before you start shopping for a passport cover after reading this, let me tell you one down side: You have to remove your passport from the cover when handing it to customs for inspections. To some custom officers it’s not necessary, but it’s inevitable.

I’m quite lazy as well so I hate those extra steps especially on busy times or long lines in the security. So if you’re like me then I suggest go for a design where you could seamlessly slip in and out your passport. Not too tight but also not too loose like those leather passport covers from Their leather passport covers comes in vibrant colors and can be personalized, which can be a great gift for those who loves to travel. In fact, check out their online store! OleksynPrannyk has a bunch a of travel accessories that you will love and perfect gifts for wanderlusts.