talking girl and boy

Communication with girls is believed to be something really sophisticated and complicated. Guys often refer to pickup gurus as unique professionals with unquestionable skills. Well, we might disappoint some of you but the members of the seduction community are virtually no different from other men. The only skill they actually master throughout their “careers” is the ability to chat up girls appropriately.

It might sound odd, but most girls would definitely prefer a scruffy person that makes a great interlocutor to a typical sexually attractive stud. To become a great talker, Jump4Love Scam and our editorial have gathered some of the best tips to chat up girls in a proper way. Stay tuned!

1. Don’t be afraid

When you talk to a girl, what you say matters just as much as how you say it. Your manner should be fueled with self-assurance and minor assertiveness. It represents your mannish attitude, which is, without doubts, the one trait women really look for in men. Be tranquil and you will get all chances to win her heart. In the end, there’s nothing stressful about talking to girls. They don’t bite.

2. Take advantage of her name

Obviously, if you approach a new girl, you ask for her name. People tend to believe it’s only a standard ritual, and it is. However, you can use it as a benefit. You see, one’s name is somewhat a magic spell for his or her ears. Therefore, if you call her by name several times during your initial dialogue, it will help you become closer much faster. But try not to overdo it – it might sound a bit strange if you repeat her name in every phrase.

3. Add some humor

It’s a well-acknowledged fact that guys with the good sense of humor are the most popular. And for a good reason – they make the atmosphere light and warm. Add some subtle self-irony when you talk about yourself, crack a joke or two about the place you are in. However, there’s a catch – sarcasm and evil misanthropic jokes are not that attractive as they are thought to be. You will eventually talk like close friends, which means you will diss anyone you want together, but right now is not the time.

4. Clear out your intentions

Girls love when men play games with them. Your entire dialogue should be soaked with charming odor of mind puzzles and innuendos. Nevertheless, you should be honest about your intentions and goals. If you just want to hang out for some time, say it aloud. If you think about anything more serious, she should be informed about it. You might be up for the same thing. Just don’t forget to mention it.

5. Choose topics wisely

Of course, you’ll have to pick the right topic to discuss, mainly because you will get extremely bored talking only about yourselves. Let it be something simple and easily relatable – family, education, adventures, pets etc. Be careful with such topics as sex, politics, and religion. They usually don’t work during the initial stage of your acquaintance. In this case, simplicity works best.