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Autumn/Winter Jewelry Trends

how to pick an engagement ring

how to pick an engagement ring

With the leaves falling off the trees and the dark nights rapidly setting in, winter’s definitely on its way, and its bringing with it a whole array of new majestic jewelry trends. It’s time to step away from big, bright and bold pieces and embrace our inner sophistication and class. Here are the top five jewellery trends of this season.


Rose gold took the world by storm when it burst onto the scene in 2014 and it looks like the colour is set to stay for another season. With its warm, ruby tones, rose gold is the perfect accessory colour for this season, epitomising the rustic orange and red hues of autumn. Rose gold watches continue to be a season favourite and are available in an array of styles and designs. Big high street brands are taking a lot of interest in Rose Gold so be ready to see a huge influx of rose gold jewellery over Christmas and into the New Year.


Intricate, delicate and sophisticated, filigree jewellery is making a comeback this autumn. The patterns and designs are often reminiscent of lace, and are a perfect accompaniment for this season’s style. Filigree was a popular style of metalwork in France and Italy in the 1600s and a true symbol of sophistication. Now, almost 400 years later, the style is set for a return, with beautifully designed filigree jewellery pieces adorning the necks, ears and fingers of catwalk models.


This season it’s all about class, and what oozes sophistication more than a vintage piece of classic jewellery? Authentic vintage jewellery can be difficult to find on the high street, so it’s a good idea to turn to quirkier modes of shopping when searching for your ideal piece. Jewellery auctions are a treasure trove for authentic pieces – and a great place to bag a bargain. Familiarise yourself with auction etiquette and enter a new world of fine jewellery shopping.


With scarfs and high-collared coats making a practical and much-needed return in the coming months, the emphasis is set to be on earrings. Surprisingly, it is the humble stub that’s making the greatest return this season; available in a range of colours, styles and patterns, studs are a perfect jewellery accessory for almost any outfit. Subtle yet statement, they’re such to add a glint of trend-setting glamour and sophistication this autumn and into winter.


Nothing says winter more than black, and the favoured gem-stone colour for the end of 2016 is … you guessed it – black. Black diamonds are making a huge statement on the catwalk and are a perfect match for the greys, blacks and whites that are set to be bang-on trend as we enter winter 2017. Although unusual, black jewellery can make the perfect statement in the colder months.

Whatever your preference, these are going to be the top 5 must have trends for quite a while yet, so make sure you start mixing these into your jewellery habits and keep up what’s popular.