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The Wonderful World of Wedding Ring Styles in a Nutshell

wedding ring

wedding ring

A wedding ring is more than a piece of jewellery; it is a symbol of a lasting union that should reflect the tastes, preferences and characteristics of one’s personality and the unique flavour of your relationship. Anyone seeking to purchase a wedding ring will undoubtedly be pleased at the incredible range of design choices that is available.

An excellent way of expressing individuality and style is to have one’s wedding ring custom designed. This needn’t be expensive or complicated and is guaranteed to create a level of satisfaction that is impossible to achieve through buying an off-the-shelf offering from the local high street or shopping centre.

Advantages of Custom Designs

One of the key advantages of custom designing a wedding ring from scratch is the ability to mix and match by choosing the exact elements that one finds most appealing. One can integrate multiple diamonds or choose to focus the design on one large solitaire diamond. A single key stone can be surrounded by other precious gems such as rubies, sapphires or emeralds.

Consult with a Master Jeweller

Having a ring designed by a custom jeweller is a pleasurable experience that can make crafting a wedding ring a pleasurable and even more significant experience. A master jeweller offering first-class custom wedding rings in Sydney will have access to many hundreds of templates that can serve as inspiration for honing in on the perfect design.

By getting to know each couple as individuals, a jeweller has the capacity to really draw upon one’s tastes, personality and preferences to co-create a unique piece like no other. The special knowledge jewellers hold allow them to suggest ways to blend the various elements such as stones, colours, styles, settings and metals in a manner that cannot be achieved by an off the rack purchase from the average chain store.

Understanding Settings

In the world of jewellery, there are many different types of settings that are all very distinct and unique. Often, one has no idea of the range available until the search for a wedding ring begins in earnest. Thankfully, jewellers are experts in settings and styles, and will happily demonstrate the various attributes of these rings to help one find the perfect design.

While the names may sound confusing, there are a variety of common settings that most people are familiar with when they view them. For example, a ‘pave´ (pronounced par-vay) setting mounts many smaller diamonds quite close together to form a path or channel of glistening gems that cover the metal beneath them.

The solitaire, which has a single centre diamond, is often set in prongs that lets light to more freely enter from a lot of angles. This makes the diamond pop and sparkle more vividly.

Single diamonds can also be attached in a bezel, which is kind of a tight metallic border that surrounds the edge of the diamond to hold it in place. This often gives the diamond a sunken or embedded look.

A Multiplicity of Choice

Aside from the many settings that are available, wedding rings also appear in a multitude of styles. Whether traditional, antique, Celtic, Victorian, Filigree, Art Nouveau, ultra-modern or simple, understated and rustic; there is sure to be a style to suit virtually every taste. With the right combination of imagination and assistance of a skilled jeweller, anything becomes literally possible.

When it comes to finding the perfect wedding ring, being spoilt with choices is wonderful. Being exposed to the widest variety of wedding rings possible is the best way to select the style that will bring ongoing pleasure and joy to last a lifetime.