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The Ultimate Guide to Online Engagement Ring Shopping

engagement ring
engagement ring

Image by KaitlinJRoberts via Flickr

Buying an engagement ring for your bride-to-be often seems daunting and overwhelming. She’ll be wearing it for years to come and you want her to cherish it forever. Whether you choose to surprise her with the ring as a gift or involve your fiancé in the ring selecting process, you’ll need to understand the best process of buying an engagement ring. Is it more beneficial to buy your engagement ring online, and if so, how do you get the best deal? This guide will help you through the process of noting the advantages and the best tips of buying your ring online.


1. Diamond education – Knowledge is power when you are making a large purchase, and when it comes to diamond rings, you want to be versed in the 4 C’s, different kinds of diamonds and current pricing. High-quality online jewellery sites offer these resources to make your engagement ring shopping easier.

2. Better selection – These online jewellery sites often offer a much more extensive collection of diamond rings. This is partly because many of them hand-craft those themselves making the possibilities endless as they can be custom made. Consider visiting The Diamond Jewellery Studio in Brisbane or viewing their collection of hand-crafted rings online.

3. Cost effective – Buying online will save you so much money because you won’t have to deal with the extra overhead costs that you’ll get from traditional in-store purchases. You also won’t have to deal with sales people pushing you into making a purchase. You can browse at different rings or contact customer service if you have questions before making your final purchase.


1. Select a reputable jeweller. Find one that sells not only rings but certified authentic diamonds as well. Reputable jewellery sites will offer an array of diamonds and settings. Reputable jewellers take time to answer your questions and even make appointments in person to discuss further details.

2. Select a diamond style and cut. Use your diamond education to check for specifics and make sure the diamond comes with a GIA grading certificate.  Once you know it’s an authentic diamond, you can explore details further, such as deciding whether you should pick a traditional white diamond or one with unique and beautiful colours, such as the Argyle Pink diamond. Focus on the 4 C’s as you choose the diamond carat size, clarity, cut, and colour; remembering, the higher it is, the more it costs. Getting just shy of a carat size ring but better clarity and cut can make the ring shine more.

3. Select a metal for your ring. If you like a silvery finish, you’d probably prefer white gold or platinum. If you prefer traditional, consider yellow gold.

4. Choose the size of the ring. If your fiancé is with you, this is no problem, she’ll know her size. If it’s a surprise, try and find another one of her rings and order that size.

5. Preview your ring. Working with customisation and a specialty designer, you’ll get to see progress every step of the way from sketches to the finished product.

Nowadays, trends have evolved and it’s becoming the norm and even popular to buy your engagement ring online.  As long as you’ve found a high-quality jeweller, you could save money and find a one of a kind ring.