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Some things in this world are universal, such as the way a diamond is graded and valued using the 4 C’s. There is plenty of information on this subject and the Gemmological Institute of America (GIA) is an excellent place to start. However, there is quite often a significant divide between males and females on the importance of the engagement ring within the relationship.

The Tradition of Diamonds

Although the traditions of wedding rings and engagement rings can be dated back for thousands of years, the tradition of a diamond engagement ring is one that only came about in the 20th century. Your future spouse may wish to look at engagement rings in Sydney that are created by the best craftsmen and made from diamonds thinking this is tradition, but they would be mistaken.

The idea of diamond rings was made popular with the 1947 marketing campaign by the company De Beers and made famous by the slogan “A Diamond is Forever”. The company also started the idea that the value of an engagement ring should be equivalent to the two months’ salary of the future bride, thank you from all of the men around the world De Beers!

Throwing Away the Myth

In this modern world that we live in, it is possible to throw away the myths that have been created. When you are in the market searching for a diamond ring make sure that you shop around; Certified Diamond Network is one of the best jewellers in Australia and has plenty of affordable rings that look stunning, and do not cost the earth. It is important to appreciate that your ring is nothing but a symbol of your love for each other. If one ring costs more it does not mean that your partner loves you more. Getting married is usually the first step in a longer journey, and spending two months’ salary on a ring is not possible for many people, even if they save for a long period of time.

When you are in the market for a diamond ring, you will want to make sure that you choose a ring that is not only affordable but also practical. When you have an enormous diamond on your finger, there is always the possibility of damaging it or losing the diamond entirely, if you are not careful.

An excellent idea, although less romantic, is to involve your future wife right from the start of the process of choosing a ring. Have a discussion with your partner and set a realistic budget that you can afford, then you can start the process of searching for a suitable engagement ring. You can search online or visit local jewellery shops and find the perfect ring that your future spouse loves, and will not have your wallet crying too. With the expense of setting up a life together including a home and family, it may be less romantic but ultimately it is the most practical solution available. You can still surprise her by popping the question and using a stand-in ring, then allow your fiancé to choose the ring of her dreams.