[eltdf_dropcaps type=”normal” color=”#C0C0C0″ background_color=””]S[/eltdf_dropcaps]pring – the time of year when sweet scents linger around each corner, when sprouts come to life and flowers blossom. This is the very season when one realizes how great of a blessing it is to live in a house and have some outdoor space to call your own. For outdoors’ sake, let’s get together and wine and dine al fresco, under the spring infused sky! Why not take advantage of your backyard and host a lovely picnic gathering with your friends, family or little ones?

By having a thorough plan, you’ll feel as if you’re halfway there – ready to host what is promising to be a night to remember.

picnic party table

Envision Your Guests’ Needs & Prepare the Atmosphere

Making sure your guests feel comfortable is your number one priority. Since having a picnic is all about sitting on the ground, you’ll need to have several picnic blankets laid out. If guests with kids are part of the plan, you’ll also need a waterproof picnic blanket for extra protection. In fact, you can turn to this picnic blanket type completely, especially since spring nights can get a bit chilly and the evaporation from the freshly grown grass and the ground itself might penetrate standard blankets. Gather some lanterns, fairy lights or candles (if you’re not hosting kids) and set the mood for a delightful evening.

picnic party table

Prepare Palatable Buffet Table to Pleasure All Senses

It should go without saying that you ought to have plenty of drinks ready: fresh water, juice, soda and all sorts of alcoholic beverages. However, when it comes to food, the world is your oyster. If there are vegetarians or vegans among your friends, make sure you get creative with your recipes so they don’t end up with empty plates. As for the rest, no one ever complained about a fancy cheese plate. Don’t forget to pack all the essentials into your picnic basket – plates, silverware, napkins, cups, condiments, trash bags and paper towels so you don’t have to keep running back and forth home. Last but not least, don’t forget the corkscrew and the bug spray!

playing bubbles

Music & Games to Keep Your Guests Engaged & Entertained

Apart from the setting, the drinks and the food, make a fun playlist and gather some games for people to play (at the very least, cards). You’d got to keep them entertained after all! The latest gossip will only last so long. If you have a musical friend, now is their time to shine. There’s nothing more nostalgic than listening to some live tunes on a blanket outdoors, wrapped in a pleasant embrace of a warm night’s breeze. When it comes to fun outdoor games, you can never go wrong with yard domino and if you feel crafty and have the time, you can even prepare the props yourself.

Finally, remember that these parties are to be co-created with Mother Nature, so make sure you don’t pick a rainy night and tidy up after yourself. Have fun indulging in your picnic delight!