The wedding is a firm staple of tradition and heritage within any culture, and none more so than that of the Asian marriage ceremony. Depending on the religion and the background of the family, everything from the Asian wedding stage hire to the catering and music can be a unique and life defining moment for everyone involved. What then are the reasons you should attend one of these events and witness it for yourself?

muslim wedding
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1. Muslim ceremonies can take months to prepare for, then days for the marriage itself. Not just saying their vows to each other, there’s also a Mehndi ceremony, which takes place at the brides house days before, whereby she has Henna applied to both her hands and feet. The engagement ritual, named the Mangni, takes place prior to this whereby there’s exchange of rings, all of this occurring before the marriage itself has even started. With all of this happening, it’s a great time to immerse yourself in another world and learn about the culture.

2. Chinese culture puts on a performance of sorts as, during the ceremony, music is played whilst performers do a dance in order to frighten away any evil spirits. This is far removed from the more Western traditions, providing a greater theatrical quality for anyone watching.

3. Although it is usually restricted to close friends and family, the Indonesian bathing ritual, or Siraman, really is something to behold. With the aim of cleansing both the body and the soul, the area is specially prepared with a whole assortment of elaborate floral arrangements creating an ambiance and experience unlike any other.

baraat indian wedding
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4. In Indian culture, there is the Baraat, whereby the family and friends of the groom create a procession leading up to the house of the bride, dancing and singing along the way. During this time, snacks and light refreshments are served, followed by fireworks when they finally arrive at her house. It really is an enjoyable event, as everyone can get involved in the dancing.

5. With a variety of different foods on offer, you will find a great feast laid out for everyone there. One thing that Asian weddings can never be accused of is cutting short in the catering department. From traditional to modern recipes, it’s definitely something to experience at least once. Providing an insight into the culture, the food will allow you to truly get a taste of the Asian way of life.

6. The sheer spectacle throughout is also something for everyone to behold. Not just taking place over a couple of days, they’re also highly extravagant events with a whole array of glorious colors. Filling out guest lists into the many hundreds, some even reaching a thousand, it definitely feels like you’re a part of something big and wonderful while you gather for family portrait photography.

7. Where there’s celebration there’s song, and the music is also something you definitely want to hear. Some of the music has been performed for centuries, having been passed down from generation to generation. With traditional performers as well as modern, you can easily get a view into another culture and the Asian way of life.

These are just a few of the reasons as to why you’d want to witness an Asian wedding at least once in your lifetime. There’s plenty more as the culture is so rich and steeped in tradition, with numerous ties to the past. If you get a chance to witness just one Asian wedding during your lifetime, make sure that you take it.