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How to Pick the Best Ring Setting For Your Bride-To-Be

how to pick an engagement ring

how to pick an engagement ring

One of advantages of dealing with a reputable jeweller is that you can choose from just about any style imaginable when picking the perfect wedding ring for her. If you’re heading out to pick a ring, consider her personality and lifestyle. Besides your budget, her daily activities are a primary consideration that will guide your selection of settings. Here are a few ways to choose the perfect ring.

how to choose a diamond ring // solitaire diamond ring

Elegant and Traditional

When taking a look at our collection of exquisite women’s wedding rings, you may prefer something elegant and traditional. A classic solitaire is just that and it showcases the centre diamond, Solitaires are rings with a main diamond and are ideal as engagement rings. The more traditional ones feature a plain band. A basket or trellis setting ensures the diamond is set lower than usual and adds a degree of refinement to the piece. If you want a more glamorous setting, you could add a row of diamond accents around the band, or even consider a peekaboo diamond set in the undercarriage of the ring.

how to choose an engagement ring // halo diamond ring

Outgoing and Stylish Choices

If you want your wife-to-be to dazzle with glamour, you may want to consider a setting where the diamond is held higher, or one with pave-set diamonds around the band. Halo settings have also grown in popularity. With a halo setting, you can add a circle of diamonds around the centre stone for extra sparkle. This also makes the main stone look bigger.

nature themed diamond ring

For Nature Lovers and Outdoorsy Types

If your partner is an outdoorsy person, you’ll want to consider ring settings that offer organic elements in their designs, like vines, leaves, and flowers. For active ladies, consider a ring that holds the diamond a little lower on the hand, such as a bezel setting or a thinner band. Don’t hesitate to talk to a professional at a leading store for ideas.

classic diamond ring

Timeless and Romantic

If your other half loves all things vintage and romantic, you should consider settings that feature scrollwork patterns, filigree, intricate galleries, and dainty bands.

contemporary diamond ring

Contemporary and Modern

Does your soon-to-be fiancé prefer a fashion-forward and modern approach to life? If so, take a look at sculptural rings. These rings tend to take on non-traditional forms. You may want to consider a bezel setting that uses a thin metal band which hugs the diamond around the girdles. If she’d prefer not to opt for a traditional centre stone, think about getting her a wide band with exquisite detail. You can add a bit of sparkle with a gemstone or diamonds.

Still Unsure?

If you’re still unsure or finding the entire process overwhelming, select a diamond, but propose with a temporary setting. By doing this, you will allow her to choose her own perfect setting. Typically, most women do take part in their ring decisions, so you don’t have to make the final decision alone. If you would prefer to surprise her, make sure you have a good understanding of her style, personality, daily activities, and preferences. Good luck!


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