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How To Be Certain Your Engagement Ring Will Fit On Her Finger?

How to Make Sure That the Engagement Ring Will Fit In Her Finger
How to Make Sure That the Engagement Ring Will Fit In Her Finger

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So you are planning to pop the question with a fabulous ring and you’re absolutely clueless about your girlfriend’s engagement ring size. Wondering what to do? Well, here are some great ideas that’ll help you make sure that you have the perfect ring size for your soul mate.

Use this simple but effective ‘family member’ technique

You can use this idea to quickly and easily obtain her ring size without making her suspicious and ruining the surprise proposal you are about to give her. What you can do is ask her to help you check the ring size of a family member by letting you know her ring size. You need to be careful that the supposed recipient’s finger size is similar to hers so that you do not arouse her curiosity. A variation to this is to buy an inexpensive ring and ask her try it out telling her that you need to make sure it will fit and that the person has a similar finger size to her.

Ask her best-friend to help you out

Another great method you can use is to ask her best-friend about the actual size for the ring. They might have bought jewellery together or borrowed rings in the past and be able to give you the information you need. If somehow that is not possible and she doesn’t know her size, there is still another way that she can help you out. She can suggest they both go out for some window shopping and when they are out she can take your girl to a jewellery store and let her try out some rings and thereby obtain her size. This can be doubly advantageous to you as you’ll not only find out the correct size but also the styles that have caught her eye.

Grab a ring from her jewellery box

If somehow the idea of sending her for fun shopping spree isn’t going to work then we have an alternative method. You can grab one of her old seldom worn rings to obtain the right size. You should be careful about the ring you are grabbing though, because it must be one that’s used on the ring finger. You might be surprised to know that many jewellers possess the technology to get the size of the ring finger from a thumb ring so that can also be a backup choice if needed. It is wise to make sure that the ring you are picking out is not an expensive item or one that she is emotionally attached to so that it is not missed. If you need advice on ring sizes then visit for the best engagement rings. You can see their heart-warming collections of custom engagement rings in Brisbane.

Seek help from a married friend

Now if you are thinking that the danger of choosing the right ring from her collection and the risk of getting caught is too much then here is an idea to save your proposal. When you are out with your friends, you can jokingly ask your married friend’s partner if she would allow to lend you her ring to try on your girlfriend’s finger. At a later date, you can privately ask your girl about the ring and by subtly quizzing her about the fit and what she liked or disliked about the ring you can get all the information you need. This should help to make getting the perfect ring in the perfect size much easier but you do need to very subtle or she may get an idea of what you are up to!

Hold hands to make the love bond stronger

Now, if all of the other ideas are not appealing to you but you are really desperate to find out a way to guess her ring size then what you can do is hold her hand and try to see and feel the difference. Keep in mind it won’t be completely accurate since her ring finger might be the size of your pinkie finger but it will be close enough to get a ring size that will fit her and you can get your jeweller to adjust it at a later date.

Once you follow these guidelines, ending up with the best ring will be easier and simpler than ever.