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Photo Source: Alea Lovely via The Knot

[eltdf_dropcaps type=”normal” color=”#C0C0C0″ background_color=””]Y[/eltdf_dropcaps]ou’ve been planning your wedding for a while now and you’ve turned your attention to the reception. The actual ceremony is over and now you have an afternoon and an evening to fill up with fun. This means fun for everyone, not just the kids, not just the oldies – everyone. To make sure no-one feels bored or left out, you need to be all things to all people – or at least, provide a bit of entertainment for all people.

It used to be the case that guests would stand around for a while before the reception started and the DJ or band turned up and tuned up. If you’re wondering how to keep everyone buzzing and engaged all day, here’s a few ideas for you – pick as many as you fancy.

A wedding band

Of course you have to have a wedding band – no reception is complete without one! A lively band adds atmosphere, vitality and can bring the crowd together. There’s fierce competition over booking, though, especially in the summer months, so hurry up with your search. When you find a suitable band, strike like lightning and get them booked. Many bands have samples of their performances on their websites, like www.vibetown.net do, so have a listen or a watch before shortlisting.

A balloon sculptor

This is a huge favourite among the younger kids and ideally this entertainer should do a two-hour slot in between the ceremony and the reception proper. The best thing about making balloon animals, swords and so on is that the children have instant (and somewhat ephemeral) toys to keep them amused for a while.

A caricaturist

Having a caricaturist at your reception is a great idea because not only does it keep your guests amused by having their portraits drawn, but they can compare and laugh at one another’s. Additionally, they can take home a keepsake of your day to frame. You should ask the artist to draw a cartoon of you and your intended first, then display it at their work table so people can see the style and what to expect.

A mobile magician

A magician who can mingle with the crowd, performing tricks and interacting with groups and individuals, is a brilliant source of fun. Your guests can be as involved or as uninvolved as they like, and watching the tricks and trying to work out how they’re pulled off is a guaranteed ice-breaker.

A string quartet

If you’re having a garden reception, then picking out different zones for different activities and styles of music is a good idea. If someone needs a bit of downtime, a stroll to a shady spot to sip a drink and listen to a string quartet is just what’s needed before re-joining the throng.

Acrobats and jugglers

Another favourite among the kids, jugglers can keep them amused for ages, especially if they’re using unusual objects. Acrobats are also fun to watch and if you’re aiming for a medieval feel, you can’t get much better.