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Is your Big Day crawling closer? You must be then gradually going under the stack of responsibilities. Well, you are not alone in this race, there are millions getting in and out everyday. The term ‘w’ actually comes at free with everything on earth. Whether it is a first day at school or last day at work, stress does not tend to leave you alone. So, it is better to learn how to snuggle up with it so that winning over odds does not seem difficult anymore.

Needless to say, your wedding day is the Big Day of your life and you don’t want to afford a single risk for the same. You plan too hard that you end up straining your nerves. Right from gown selection to bridal hair-band; gloves to bridal veil, you strive to choose the best of everything and so do you do. Despite having a lot of admirers around, you still can’t rely upon what others pick for you. At least, this is not the way you want to cherish The Biggest Day of your life. You think, it’s every way better to take up this momentary stress, rather than surviving through lifetime repentance. Yes, you think it absolutely correct!

Regardless how hard each day has been, you don’t really feel anything until you exchange the holy kiss. But, it is not all one has to go through during pre-wedding preparations. There are some more serious issues pop up and handling what then turns out to be a real hard task. Invest your attention here –

Your Groom Is Still Obsessed With The Next Game Level?

He does not seem to be around his phone while you are aggressively calling him. He might not remember that you two planned for a friendly dinner or going out for the selection of wedding music in Sydney and got busy again with his PS4. Well, you still have time to let not this happen to you. Call him now over your place and make this point loud and clear- PS4 must not come in-between pre-wedding and post-wedding. Split the responsibilities and take a promise for on-the-dot accomplishment.

You Are Losing Your Bridesmaid

This happens even more often. Despite being acknowledging themselves as your besties, they start backing off when it is about time. Yes, here it is referring to bridesmaid. There’s no substitute of bridesmaid and you have to hold onto them at any cost.

You simply can’t make bridesmaid out of nobody. She has to have some cordial relations with you and this is where the problem starts pouring in. The modern age women have less friends despite being involved in a variety of academic as well as corporate domains. Therefore, the much you have, try hard not to lose a single of them and for that you have to make regular party plans with them. Have them involved in your daily preparations and make them realize that you value their presence.

Your Parents Are Getting Deviated From Your Wedding Needs

Well, your parents must have some other responsibilities on parallel. They always can’t remember to stick around your wedding demands. It is you, who has to make them feel like they are not only ATMs, but heart and soul of your Big Day. While having dinner, exchange some friendly and compassionate words with them. Make them feel how valuable their involvement is and so do you need their affirmation into each of your planning. Come hell or high water, never and ever leave their hands.

Be A Smart Bride! Don’t Let Him Booze, But Don’t Even Stop Him From Partying

You have a fear that your groom’s freshman habit might resurface at his bachelor party. Well, this is surely to resurface once he is put aside your sight. But, the thing that you should concern is his freedom. You don’t own his independence and neither can you let him ruin his habit too. You have to make better plans here. Call him over a dinner outside and talk to him in an open tone. On knowing when he is throwing bachelor party, do behave equally excited for the same. Ask him about his special plans and games ideas. Make him realize that you want him to enjoy his days the way he wants and then throw your arrow somewhere in-between.

Tell him that you don’t want him to booze until he loses his senses and then make nuisance around. It might spoil their pre-wedding enthusiasm and set things apart. There should not be any mess around healthy pre-wedding preparations, because you both have to care for family repute as well. This may work out on his part.

The Last, But The Most Important – Fight Over Honeymoon Location

Well, we can’t put a survey record on how many of couples do mutually agree on similar honeymoon location and how many of them end up fighting. You better make sure that you two don’t fight over a silly location. Be mature enough to take one’s preference as yours, because you two are going to confront a lot of more hurdles in life ahead of your honeymoon days. Clashing in opinions might happen, but you both need to understand the situational demand and work on that accordingly. Out of a variety of ideas, only one might fit into the current situation, so be evolved enough to drop yours and let the other’s proceed, because eventually it’s your togetherness what matters the most. Nothing else!