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Timeless Trends in Casual Summer Dresses

When the weather starts warming up and the sun begins to shine, it’s the perfect time to start looking at casual summer dresses to freshen up your wardrobe. Styles change from season to season, but some fashions are simply timeless. Keep reading to find out about some of the greatest trends in summer dresses.


halter summer dress

Halter dresses are a popular item for showing off some a woman’s most attractive features, including her neck, arms, shoulders, and back. The two straps in the front of the dress connect as a single strap in the back, leaving the shoulders bare to the sun. These have a playful warm-weather look that can be both very flattering and stylish. Nothing says “summertime” like a halter neck dress.


sleeve summer dress

Of course, some summer casual dresses have sleeves instead, which can be just as pretty. Some dresses opt for the sleeveless look, with spaghetti straps or single-shoulder designs, while others cover more of the upper arm. Casual summer dresses don’t usually have a sleeve that goes lower than the top of the bicep, giving you the chance to let the warmth into your skin. They also look a little more elegant than sleeveless dresses, without losing that summer playfulness.

Longer Skirts

maxi summer dress

Short skirts aren’t the only option, though. If you like long hems, a maxi skirt is the way to go—as long as you keep it thin, slim, and brightly colored. More filmy fabrics keep you cool and stylish, while the colors prevent you from looking like it’s still winter. A slimmer silhouette instead of a fuller skirt keeps you from getting lost under all that fabric. If you are having trouble deciding, a hi-lo skirt is an excellent summer choice, allowing you to keep the fun flowing train without hiding your legs completely. The raised hemline in front and lower hem in back get you ready for the sun.


summer dress

The style of the dress isn’t the only thing that’s summery. For warm months, bright colors are the best way to go. When the temperature rises, neutrals start to look a little boring, and black or jewel tones can seem too cold or formal. Bright colors like pink, yellow, and blue work best for the season. One option is to go with solids or blocks of color that highlight your figure and make you stand out.


patterned summer dress

Another choice is to go with patterned or printed dresses that have a dazzling effect. Stripes or dots are playful and help you look great. One of the most popular prints, however, is floral, which has remained intensely popular due to its femininity, beauty, and playfulness. It also allows for a range of colors. With so many options in style, color, and cut, finding the perfect casual summer dress for you should be a snap.