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7 Important Rules to Avoid Dating Failures



You deserve the best, for sure. There are no reasons for you to be a dating failure. However, you never manage to start successful relationships. Everything either goes totally wrong from the start or becomes a disappointment after a little while. The real reasons for such an injustice have numerous roots. Today we are going to discuss one of them – your mistakes. Yes, men sometimes make simple and stupid mistakes that prevent them from dating decent girls. Unfortunately, we cannot change the way you look or the type of women you subconsciously seek. But we have seven rules to help you avoid dating fiascos.

1. Be initiative. In our patriarchal world, men somehow managed to become softer and less assertive. They think that if women support feministic movements and praise sexual revolutions, they will also become the initiators of dates and relationships. No, they will not! Your indifferent attitude makes women believe you have no serious intentions. Therefore, they reject you because they find such behavior boyish and overly obnoxious. Your manliness is your main weapon! Use it wisely.

2. Don’t get intimate too soon. The relationships that develop at a rapid pace rarely work out. Guys have this strange tendency to become intimate and emotional too soon. If you talk about deep feelings and serious intents during your second meeting – it will frighten off a girl (for a good reason). On one hand, it means that you cannot behave yourself. On the other hand, it means that your feelings will subside as fast as they appeared. Both cases are unacceptable for relationships.

3. Learn each other. People now and then start relationships without knowing each other properly. As time goes by, they find out some slightly insignificant facts that change the entire image of the person they date. To avoid such pitiful occasions, spend some time learning each other, comparing your tastes, sharing important moments and basically getting along.

4. Don’t act aggressively. Another strange yet frequent mistake is when guys think that rudeness and bravado are the same as manliness and maturity. Well, we have some bad news for you – these concepts have nothing in common. Aggressive behavior depicts your lack of self-assurance and a plethora of fears and tragedies you keep within. This all will make you an unpleasant date for women of any age – because they know that such persons can only become worse.

5. Don’t ever talk about exes. You are both grownups; consequently, you have been in relationships before. Ex-loves is one of the least appreciated topics. It makes girls feel like there are three of you. Of course, you may eventually discuss your exes when you know each other better. However, this topic should be omitted during the initial phase of your relationships.

6. Clear out your targets. When people look for relationships, they don’t just seek someone to spend time with for no reason. Everyone have their own ideas of how perfect relationships should look like and what type of a partnership they look for. To get the best out of every meeting, you should clear out your intents from the very beginning – but it should be done unobtrusively!

7. Don’t fall for everyone. When people remain single for a certain amount of time, they start taking every bit of attention for something bigger and more serious. You should not fall for everyone who approached you with kindness and care. You will both confuse people and waste a copious amount of time chasing after women who do not look for relationships at all.