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Photo via The Devil Wears Prada movie

So you’ve decided to aim for a career in the fashion industry. You’ve dreamed of the champagne lunches, exclusive fashion shows and a wardrobe full of designer gowns. You spend your free time comparing different stylist courses and keeping up to date with what’s hot and what’s not. Although a career in this glamorous industry can be competitive and fast-paced, there are a huge number of benefits to look forward to. Below is a list of our top five reasons to kickstart a career in the fashion industry.

1. You’ll be working with like-minded people

Whichever role you set your sights on, there is no doubt that you’ll have a passion for design and probably enjoy expressing your individuality using your artistic and creative flair. The wonderful thing about a job in the world of fashion is that you will be constantly surrounded by people who share your interests and who also enjoy expressing themselves in a similar way. Part of your job will include networking with these people as well as building relationships with the many colourful personalities you may meet at various shows and events. If you are interested in highly creative role, then there is no better inspiration than surrounding yourself with other creatives and sharing your ideas with those who understand and are just as fashion crazy as you are.

2 It’s glamorous

A career in the fashion industry can be altogether more glamorous than your standard 9 to 5 office job. You may meet many famous faces along the way as well as having the opportunity to attend industry events and shows. A job in the world of fashion will also allow you to dress in a way that expresses your personal style as well as experimenting with different trends on a daily basis. That is not to say that this is all that the industry has to offer, this is just a small aspect of a career in fashion. Don’t be fooled by everything you see or read in those glossy mags, but work hard and this can be one of the perks of the job.

3. You’ll be surrounded by designer garms

If you’re eager for a job in the fashion world then you’ll probably be completely obsessed with clothing, how it’s made, designed and what’s currently on trend. And although you may not be able to afford these sought after designer pieces on your starting salary, you will still be surrounded by beautiful clothing, shoes and accessories throughout your career. You will also get an insight into how these expensive designer garments are created as well as having the privilege of being around the stylish people to chose to wear them and maybe even the designers who create them!

4. Every day will be Different

The fashion industry is known for being very multifaceted and most companies often hire individuals with a wide range of skills who can complete a number of different tasks. This will mean that no two days will be the same and you will be required to constantly learn new skills along the way. There is often a lot of travelling required for many of the top roles in the industry meaning you may have the opportunity to see different parts of the world.

5. The Freebies

We’d be lying if we said that the freebies and massive discounts aren’t one of the best perks of a job in the fashion industry. The fashion industry is renowned for the freebies and goodie bags. Be it in the office or at a brand event, companies will want you to remember them and there is no better way of achieving this than throwing free products at you.

So if that’s not enough to get you dreaming of a job in the fashion industry, we don’t know what is! Remember that although there are a huge range of benefits to working in the world of fashion, it takes time, effort and skill to make it in this cut-throat world, so it’s essential to work hard in order to achieve your goals.

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