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Photo Booth Hire Vs Professional Photographer

professional photographer

professional photographer

Lifelong records of events, such as weddings, engagements, graduations and birthday parties are provided through photographs. You can look back on photographs for years and years after the event and almost relive it. In the past, if you wanted to get photos of everyone at your event, you had to hire a photographer. Today, that is not the case. More and more people are using a photo booth hire at their events rather than a photographer due to all of the benefits of a booth.

Everyone Will Be Photographed

When you hire a photographer for your event, you would simply need to trust that they are going to get a photo of everyone who attended. It is not uncommon for a photographer to inadvertently forget to get a shot of a guest or two. This is not the case with a photo booth hire in Perth. Each guest can make it a point to go into the photo booth at some point during the event. This will ensure that every guest will have their photograph taken.

The Photographer Won’t Miss Memorable Moments

If your photographer is running around trying to take photos of everyone at the event, they could end up missing an important event. When you have a photo booth at your event, your photographer can focus on taking pictures of what is going on in the main room and all of the guests will still have a chance to have their photo taken.


Most people who have their photo taken are worried whether the photo came out good or not. When a photographer is taking the photos, your guests won’t be able to see how they look in the photos until they are uploaded or developed. When you have a cheap photo booth hire in Perth, your guests can see their photo as soon as it is taken. If they don’t like what they see, they can delete the photo and take another one.


If you hire a photographer, they will photograph your guests, and you will get the prints later. If your guests want one of their pictures, they would need to wait until you have the prints and you distribute them. This is not the case when you have a photo booth in Perth at your event. Your guests can take a photo, wait for it to print up, and then take it right away.

Instant Uploads

Many people today are obsessed with social media. Every picture a person takes ends up on their Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. If you have a photographer at your event, the photos of your guests may never end up on their social media. Many photo booths have the ability to upload photos to social media immediately, therefore, people who are not at the event can see the photos that are being taken in real time.

The Perfect Photos

When a photographer takes a photo of your guests, the photographer makes all of the decisions. When your guests take a photo in a photo booth, they have many more options. If they don’t like something about the photo, they can edit it to make it perfect. Most photo booths come with props so that the photos can be silly and fun. Many people get uncomfortable when they are having their photo taken by a stranger, and they cannot be themselves. When they are in a photo booth, they can be as silly as they want.

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