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Professional interior design entails space planning and selection of appropriate furnishings and materials with the aim of fulfilling the functional requirements of interior spaces. To ensure a well planned interior, your designer needs to follow five major steps – programming, concept development, design development, concept presentation and design execution.

First your designer must meet with you for the purpose of gathering all the necessary information, understanding requirements as well as identifying any special needs. Here the designer’s communication skills, artistic talent and technical knowledge come into play. Facilities requiring interior design may be anything ranging from residential, medical, food service, educational, maintenance/warehouse to recreational. Whatever the facility, it has requirements which are specific to its mission and function which you must understand and translate into design. In a bid to understand your needs, the designer may conduct a research, arrange meetings with you or even conduct surveys.

As soon as your requirements are well understood, your interior designer begins to develop a suitable design. During this development phase, ideas start shaping up through space planning, architectural design, physical and behavioural requirements, colour concept and material collection.

In design development, the designer needs to have a clear picture of your intended design. At this stage, they should write an explanation that will help you understand the design and selections that they have made. Your designer also has to provide you with floor plans, detailed drawings,elevations and perspectives complete with their materials and colour schemes. Finally, you should be provided with accessory boards and furniture or books detailing the colour scheme.

Apart from the longevity of the design, your satisfaction is quite important. Your designer needs to help you appreciate the long term value of quality design by explaining the design development process and his / her role to you. You must clearly understand your involvement and its impact on the final outcome. As a user, you can gain a clear understanding of the design through visual presentation materials. These could include floor plans, perspectives, renderings, finish and furniture boards.

Eventually, your designer begins to implement your dream design. At this point, your interior designer needs to furnish you with all the relevant documents for the entire contract which include: statement of work, architectural floor plan, finish schedule & colour legend, finish floor plans, elevations / sections and details, miscellaneous drawings, furniture floor plans, installation plans, furnishings specifications, furnishings cost estimates and furnishings order forms.

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