tips to make your dating profile more popular

Do you struggle with internet dating? Writing a profile is agonizing for most people, and choosing photos to include makes it even harder. Here’s some help in the form of an infographic that gives you specific tips on selecting words and photos that will appeal to the opposite sex. Review-Weekly has collected information from OK Cupid, E-Harmony and Wired to create this nifty cheat sheet for optimizing your dating profile.

The advice for women is wonderfully specific. Mentioning London or Radiohead among your interests will help you entrance the man of your dreams, apparently. So will talking about hiking, surfing and yoga. If you can honestly describe yourself as physically fit, perceptive, optimistic, funny, passionate and ambitious your inbox should be a busy place. Smile into the camera in your profile photo, and include pics with your pets or travel photos. To turbocharge your results, include a flirty selfie with a bit of cleavage.

Men who want to boost their response rate among women should choose unsmiling profile photos where they’re gazing away from the camera, but they should also show off a bit of chest and cuddle a puppy or two. Successful men include words like sweet, thoughtful, ambitious and spontaneous in their profiles. Everyone should be on the lookout for the most common dating profile lies, as well. Outdated photos are common, and people often fudge a little on the numbers when giving their heights and incomes. Have a look at the infographic to see if you can find ways to tweak your profile for better results.

How to Optimize Your Dating Profile Infographic

Originally Published on Review Weekly