tips to host a party

[eltdf_dropcaps type=”normal” color=”#C0C0C0″ background_color=””]P[/eltdf_dropcaps]arties are great, aren’t they? Fun to attend, a great way to catch up with friends and a really good excuse to eat too many snacks and drink wine. As much fun as attending a party is, throwing a party is also really fun thing to do. There’s the planning, the excitement of inviting your friends and then the actual fun of enjoying the party itself. If you’re sick and tired of winter already, why not get some Christmas cheer with a Christmas in July party? There are few better ways to get the warmth flowing through your home than with a party fuelled by mulled wine and crackling fires. This is a really fun alternative to a winter party – and while your friends might be a bit sceptical at first, they’ll surely come around to the fun when they see your awesome party ideas! Take a look at these tips, brought to you by the fun loving party peeps at The Party Starters.

Get the invitations out early

When you’re planning a cool party, it helps when you have all of the guests that you want to have there. Once you have decided on the date for your party, get the word out. You can send out an invitation on Facebook, create some cute invitations  by hand or just tell people via email. No matter what you choose to do, be sure to get your RSVPs locked down, so that you can plan for the party of the season!

Decorate your house to fit the festive spirit

When it’s nice and cold outside, you can pretend that you’re having a proper ‘white Christmas’ that the friendly people in the northern hemisphere get to experience. You can enjoy the same fun with a crackling fire blazing in the hearth and Christmas sweaters – the hallmark of any awesome Christmas party. Play holiday music and be sure to have plenty of holly or evergreen boughs to keep people in the festive spirit.

Cater for the Christmas times

You can be sure that people will be expecting a traditional Christmas menu at your Christmas in July party, so don’t let them down! Opt for things like traditional roasts with vegies, and make sure you have things like Christmas pudding and eggnog for your guests to munch on. Christmas cookies, Christmas flavours and Christmas snacks are all the things that you need to be preparing for in the lead up to your party.

Have the festive fun on tap

You need to pick Christmas in July activities that bring the cheer, so things like pin the tail on the reindeer are going to go down a treat. Other activities like having a secret santa present swap, a Christmas themed photo booth to capture all the fun and a christmas tree for people to admire will be great options as well.

Make your guests feel special

If you’re wondering how to thank your guests for coming and being part of your party, why not get them a little goody bag with some fun treats and festive presents to take home with them? You might not be able to buy candy canes in July, but it could be worth baking some peppermint treats or other goodies like that. Pop them into a Christmassy bag and be sure to gift them to your friends and family as they are leaving your party.

Don’t hesitate to consider throwing a festive Christmas in July party as an idea for your next soiree. The very idea of having a themed Christmas party outside of the December timeframe is enough to send some people into a tailspin, but you just need to be bold enough to commit to it and the rest will take care of itself. Enjoy!