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Practical Uses You Can Actually Do with Cheese



People all over the world have loved cheese for centuries, and cheese is widely used in culinary creations. Its rich variety of flavors has inspired many classical dishes such as the cheese fondue, blueberry cheesecake and the macaroni and cheese.

However, there is more to cheese than simply being a snack you can munch on or a treat you can sprinkle on your pasta recipe. In fact, there are many ways you can enjoy your favorite milky treat besides cooking up a good meal.

Below are just a few amazing and practical uses that you can do with some of the extra cheese you have in the pantry.

Don’t throw away your cheese curds

Cheese curds can make an excellent meal. So, if you’re thinking of throwing away those curds, you might want to reconsider as you can actually create yummy snacks from them. This is perfect for any healthy snacking at any time of the day or as an appetizer for a big meal. One popular recipe that you can try is by mixing cheese curds with salt, beaten egg and flour to create deep fried cheese curds.

Exfoliate your skin with this easy-to-do facial cream with cottage cheese

Munching on your favorite cheese is a great way to absorb some extra essential nutrients into your body. Besides the nutritional value that you gain by consuming it, cheese has also gained a reputation for being an excellent ingredient in many amazing and simple beauty products.

One such example is the famous cottage cheese cream face mask with honey and lemon. This simple DIY mask not only keeps your skin supple and smooth, but it also makes an excellent cream for sunburns as well.

Keep your skin healthy by adding cheese in your DIY skin products

Who knew cheese would make an excellent beauty ingredient in your homemade skin products? Like many natural ingredients, such as eggs and oatmeal, cheese has also become a favorite ingredient for nourishing the skin. Cheese is apparently known to moisturize your skin and give it a more supple feel, which makes it a must-have on your beauty regime.

A few great ideas you can try at home includes the cream cheese exfoliating scrub which you can create by mixing cream cheese with honey and sugar. You can then make a mask that banishes those unpleasant eyebags by placing a small amount under each eye area.

Use it for your art project

Looking for a creative medium for your upcoming edible art project? Fret no more. Cheese is one great ingredient that you can add in your arsenal of art materials for your next art project. Hard cheeses such as cheddar are highly recommended for such projects. Prepare to unleash your creativity and your hunger for an art project that you would surely love working on.

Cheese is one versatile ingredient whose uses are as varied as the many forms and flavors that it is known for. Whether it’s for cooking or for maintaining healthy skin, you now have an idea of what you can do with that extra bit of feta or cheddar in your pantry.

Sophie White is a self-confessed foodie and a blogger, with a special penchant for natural cheese. Her love for cooking is only comparable to her keen eye for fashion. She considers herself an amateur cheese connoisseur. With her passion for high quality and authentic cheese, she currently partners with Sargento, a top real cheese producer in Wisconsin