If you’re looking for fun vintage fashion, look no further than Ruby Shoo, a British shoe brand that was launched in London in 2010. The company specialises in vintage footwear, with a wide range of different styles that incorporate design trends from the 1960s and beyond. Here’s a Ruby Shoo review of the different vintage styles they offer.

1) 1960s shoes

With shoes that evoke a bygone era, Ruby Shoo is your one-stop shop for unusual shoes with a contemporary twist. You’ll find shoes that complement your wardrobe, including casual shoes and formal footwear that demands attention. Their 1960s-inspired shoes have bold designs that look great with a formal dress or something a little more relaxed, and you can have your order delivered directly to your door. Want to save more money? Now you can. When you sign up to the company’s newsletter, you get 15 percent off your first order, too. You can also follow the shoe brand on their social media accounts to hear the latest industry news, promotions and offers.

2) 1970s shoes

In a decade known for its innovative fashion, the 1970s was a period of bold British style that was exported around the world. You’ll find plenty of shoes that have been inspired by the 1970s at Ruby Shoo, including high-quality fabrics. Their heeled shoes are available in various colours and sizes, giving you more choice than ever before. Popular designs include Celia, Poppy and Donna. Ordering from Ruby Shoo is easy. You’ll be able to open a new account online and have your items delivered to your door, saving you a whole load of hassle. Not completely satisfied with your order? No problem. The company are known for their customer service and you can get in touch with a member of staff by phone or email if you have a question or query.

ruby shoo review

3) Contemporary styles

From Japanese floral prints to creative designs, Ruby Shoo combines old and new in a number of footwear designs designed for women of all ages. It’s not just shoes, either. At Ruby Shoo, you’ll find a plethora of vintage bag styles that are practical and stylish. On the company’s website, you can find a style that suits your personality. Just use the search feature to find what you’re looking for or take a look at the new designs on the landing page. You can access detailed product pages with in-depth product descriptions, high-resolution photos and delivery information, providing you with all the information you need

If you are interested in having a look or purchasing a pair of Ruby shoes there are multiple online retailers who stock all different varieties of Ruby Shoo. Sometimes it is good to shop around before purchasing due to prices and styles. Some online retailers will stock different designs at different prices. Before purchasing you should have a browse through these retailers before making your final decision. One example of a boutique shoe shop which offers lots of variety of styles and patterns is elevateyoursole.co.uk.