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How to Wear Dresses like A Pro?

how to dress according to your body type

how to dress according to your body type

As rightly said by Kathryn Eisman,“Fashion is a powerful weapon that can be used by you, or against you. The choice is yours.”Fashion can totally turn the tables depending on how we go for it or might we say how we dress up. Dressing up is no less than an art. But to learn this art, you need to understand your body type and what sort of outfits will flatter your figure the best.

This is the first step to dressing up. Rest is following the latest fashion trends and style yourself up. If you want to be the boss lady or college fashionista or a chic desi diva, you need to up your fashion game to stay ahead of the crowd. Let us help you with right tips and tricks in helping you dress like a pro. Ladies, it’s time to buckle up and slay it!

Dress according to your body type

Talking about the first step, identify your body type. Do you have a full figure? Are you slim and tall? Whatever your body type is, the rule of the thumb is to always dress up according to that. Here are some cues for you –

  • V-neck &long silhouettes make you look tall

If you are a person with short stature and voluptuous figure, then you can focus the attention to right areas by wearing V-neck outfits. If you want to make yourself look tall, stick to long silhouettes.

  • Asymmetrical and boat necks for accentuating your curves

If you have a slim figure with a tall frame and you need to highlight your curves. Invest in some dresses that will create an illusion of curvy look. The best dresses in this category are asymmetrical dresses or those with boat necks.

how to dress according to your body type

Accessorize with a statement watch

A watch is an accessory with style and utility. You can’t call any dress complete unless you pair a watch with it. Such is the power of an accessory like the watch.

For women who work in the corporate field, a watch is an absolute necessity. This is why brands are shelling out millions in making designer watches. Recently the rose gold trend made a huge noise. Silver is back with a bang too. You can’t help but swoon over those lovely dual contrasting watches. Take your pick too and let your dress be complete.

how to dress according to your body type

Shoes are the most important

Shoes are something which can make or break an outfit. They can alleviate even a plain dress or they can entirely ruin a statement dress if worn wrong.

So pay attention to your shoes. The best rule to remember is that your shoes should always match your bag! Yes, note it down, ladies! Or if not possible, the shoes and bag must complement each other. Peep toes in nude shade are the most versatile shoes that will go with any outfit in the world.

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When in doubt, wear black

So you have got a party coming over the weekend and as usual, you are in a fix. You think you have nothing to wear or so much that you can’t possibly decide. Take our advice and wear black. Whenever in doubt, pick black. It is the safest choice and in fact the best color to make you stand out.

Invest in some LBDs, some plain black tunics or black mix dresses. They can also be paired with any color accessory and make you look sharp yet stylish. Black is always a symbol of mystery and power. You can accentuate your dull face or bad hair day by just wearing a dress in black.

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Arm candy gives you the ultimate power

Do you shop your bags just randomly or do you invest agood deal of time in wondering about the best color that will go with your wardrobe? If your answer is no, you are doing it all wrong. Never give your bag a miss when you know it is the first thing that will get noticed.

The safest colors to buy for your arm candy are tan, browns, black and earthy ones. They will go with most of the outfits. Our best pick is a tan bag to team with casual dresses and a black bag for formal work wear. You can never go wrong with these colors.

The next time you go for dress shopping, keep these tips in mind. Especially focus on your accessories and shoes. Pick figure flaunting dresses and experiment with the latest in style. Be a pro in dressing up and ace the fashion race.