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Colour Inspiration: Add a Splash of Colour to Your Home

home colour tips

The colours that we add to our homes change the mood from room to room. Our choices can be influenced by the season, our mood or our emotions. Painting the entire room in a bold, bright colour might be a daunting prospect for some, but this is not the only way to create pockets of colour within your house.

Furniture – Think about using pieces of furniture to create elements of colour in any space. Imagine having one bold unit of furniture that is striking as you enter the room. There are a great range of different headboards or beds available at the Divan Beds Centre that will add colour to your bedroom. In your living room try a colourful sofa or chair to add interest to the room. A colourful centrepiece can be a really powerful statement.

Walls – With such a huge variety available you can now pick any colour you desire for painting your walls and these can even be created to order by your local DIY store. Dulux MixLab offers the chance to find paint to match the colour of an item you may already have in your house, or to see how a paint colour may look under different types of light. A room can be transformed using paint or wallpaper but deciding whether to have one feature wall or to go all out and decorate the whole room will have an impact on the feel. For maximum impact for a feature wall you should select a wall that is clear of obstructions such as doors, windows and furniture. If you go for a very striking colour on every wall it can be overbearing so be careful not to get too carried away. Take samples of paper and paint and hold them up on your wall to see how they look in the context of your room.

Soft furnishings – Rugs, cushions, curtains and throws are all soft furnishings that can add a different feel to individual rooms. For your bedrooms select duvet sets to suit the needs of your children or for adults. In your living room, add a bit of colour and luxury by using cushions and curtains made from matching materials. If you want to add colour to your bathroom use towels, flannels and bath mats to create the feel that you are after.

Flowers and plantsHouse plants can be used as a feature in any room or even in areas such as a hallway or landing space that might otherwise lack colour. Pots of violas will add purple hue and are a great addition in spring or summer. If you have limited space, but have a balcony space or a windowsill, then pots of begonias will give you a sunny yellow colour. Chamomile is a subtle addition with its white petals and yellow centres – plus the scent will keep away any irritating pests. Fuchsia, by name and in colour, is a vibrant coloured plant that doesn’t like much sunlight but will brighten any dull corner.

Carpets – If you want to keep your walls a neutral shade then add colour on the floor with carpets. If you have children or pets then consider using heavily patterned or striped carpets to hide stains from spilt drinks, dropped colouring pens or muddy paw prints. If you are not keen on carpets, then consider adding a brightly or pastel coloured rug to the room, depending on your taste.