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Where to Splash the Cash When Selling Your House



It may sound counterintuitive to think about upgrading a home as you’re preparing to sell it, but the truth is that late stage renovations and improvements can make a huge difference to the resale value of a property. This is why savvy homeowners spend money on new kitchen counters or outdoor landscaping right before they offload a property.

This is the perfect example of investing money, in order to make it. However, you do need to invest in the right things. If you’re going to spend money, it should be in areas with the highest potential for increasing resale value. For example, the kitchen, the bathroom, or the garden.

This handy guide to some of the best investments to make when preparing to sell a home will give you some useful tips.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is the ‘go to’ area for late stage renovations, because a lot can be done with a small amount of money. With the help of skilled kitchen design professionals, you can update tired counters, refurbish worn accessories, and reinvigorate the space.

As the kitchen is very much the heart of a home, lots of people want to find a space that they can make their own. So, if you decide to splash the cash on an upgrade, keep things simple. Avoid overly distinct designs or features, because they’ll make it hard to repurpose the space.

The Bathroom

Similarly, bathrooms are a popular choice for late stage improvements, because most house hunters place ‘great bathroom’ right at the top of their list of priorities. As with the kitchen, a lot can be done with little cash if you are clever about it.

You don’t need to tear the whole suite out unless it is clearly very old, worn, or outdated. Instead, remove and replace aesthetic details like shower doors, cabinets, and flooring. Make sure that the space stays light, airy, and spacious. You can make smaller rooms feel bigger by using light colours like white, pastel blue, yellow, cream, and light grey.

The Garden

One of the cheapest and easiest ways to add resale value to a property before you sell it is to spend some time on the garden. The front garden is the first thing that prospective buyers see, so it needs to make an excellent impression. It should be inviting and visually striking, but not so fussy that it seems like it would be tricky to maintain.

The lawn should be neat and without yellow patches. Flowerbeds should either be healthy and blooming or removed and replaced with new plants. Any garden features or accessories need to be kept clean and in tip top condition. If some of them are worn or broken, they need to be taken out. It is better to have no garden accessories than poor quality ones.

The Façade

And, finally, you can increase the resale value of your home by simply repainting the outside façade. You’d be surprised at how much more potential buyers are willing to pay if the property looks like it is worth it. You have to remember that, although your home will come with an estimate, there is nothing stopping you from shooting for higher than this figure.

Repainting the outside walls of the property will cost next to nothing, but it will reinvigorate and revive the overall look of the home. You should be able to handle this job by yourself, but if you are not sure that you can do it to a high standard, call in some professional help. It is always better to pay more to get the job done right, first time.