marriage proposal ideas
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[eltdf_dropcaps type=”normal” color=”#C0C0C0″ background_color=””]P[/eltdf_dropcaps]roposals themselves are already a pleasant surprise for the woman presented with the proposal but it’s worth taking time to make it even more romantic if it means she’ll gush about it endlessly over the years. Give her something worth talking about to friends and acquaintances with these romantic ideas for a wedding proposal.

1. 10 Reasons Why I Love You

Take inspiration from the classic 10 Things I Hate About You and make your own version and name it 10 Reasons Why I Love You. Read the list out loud while proposing to her. She’ll cry more about the list than she will about the diamond.

2. Breakfast in Bed

Give her your usual treat of breakfast in bed. Prepare a tray full of all of her favourite breakfast food and in the centre is a box with the diamond engagement ring. The sparkle should be bright enough to stand out in a sea of pancakes and bacon.

3. The Rain Kiss

This is quite tricky since you’ll have to wait for the day when it will rain and make sure she’s in a good mood. On the day that you plan to propose, take her out to dance and laugh together in the rain. Lift her up and kiss her. And just when she thinks this is great, it’s about to get even better. Get down on one knee and propose to her. Allie from The Notebook would be jealous.

4. Fireworks

You don’t need to spend thousands on fireworks for this one. Just go to a place where you know there will be fireworks. After the show is over, when she’s still looking up, quickly get down on one knee and present her with the engagement ring. More fireworks will come. From her heart that is.

5. Surprise Picnic

Take her out on a regular picnic date except only you know it’s not “regular”. At the spot, use stones that spell out the words “Marry Me”. And if she says yes, celebrate with wine and food that you’ve prepared for the picnic.

6. Morning Surprise

Slip on the ring you bought from Brisbane’s most awarded jeweller while she’s sleeping. Delight her with the sight of champagne and strawberries first thing in the morning. She’ll be curious but the real kicker will be when she notices the ring that is on her finger.

7. Halftime Special

If you’re attending a sporting event, make an arrangement to have the message “Will you marry me, (name of special lady)?” displayed across the board after halftime. And when she’s too busy gushing over the message, get down on one knee, take out the ring box, get her attention, and ask her for real.

8. Christmas Tree

Decorate the Christmas tree so that one ornament, which is the box with the ring, is dangling and stands out in the view. It has to be prominent enough for her to wonder what it is. And if she asks, tell her to open it. Nothing could make for a more perfect Christmas gift.

9. Jewellery Store Surprise

Take her with you to look at engagement rings in Brisbane by Diamond Queensland and just before you begin looking for a ring, get down on one knee with an empty ring box. She’ll wonder why it’s empty. Tell her to pick out a ring she wants in the store. This is great if you want to make sure she gets a ring that she likes.

We hope those ideas give you enough inspiration to come up with a proposal idea of your own. Did you have any other romantic proposal ideas you wanted to share? Let us know in the comments.

**This article is contributed by Katrina Fernandez