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4 Key Ingredients For Making Your Event a Success

tips to host a party

tips to host a party

Throwing a party is no easy task – in fact it can be quite daunting! While we usually associate throwing a party with having a good ol’ time and a bit of a knees up, the reality is that it’s a potentially stressful time and can cause dramas. There are a few hard and fast rules that you can follow to ensure paty success – and I wanted to look at some of my top tips for ensuring that your next event is a raging hit. Take a look here and ensure that your next party is the event of the year!

Make sure you invite a good spread of people

When you throw a party, one of the key things that you need to make sure you have enough of is people. Too many is not the best thing in the world, and too few means that you won’t have the vibe that you’re going for. Another key thing is ensuring that there is a good mix of people from the folk that you invite. A good mix of party people and some more chilled out peeps will ensure that the dynamic is right for your big event. Another key tip is to ensure that you have a ‘save the date’ or something like that, as it will ensure that your date doesn’t clash with something else that’s on that night, thus diluting the potential attendees. Check on Facebook to make sure that there isn’t something else on that night within your circle of friends and then send out the invites to lock in the date.

Hire a photobooth for your party

There has been a boom in the popularity of photobooths recently, and it’s not hard to see why! These awesomely fun additions to any party make it a great night. People love cramming into the booth and snapping some shots with their mates, and you can jazz things up with signs and costumes too. There are a huge range of people with whom you can arrange photobooth hire in Perth so jump online and take a look for your best option.

Make sure there is plenty of food, drink and music

A key ingredient of your party’s success is going to be ensuring that you have enough food and drinks to keep people satiated for the event’s duration. Part of this is working out how many people are coming, and then catering accordingly. If you’re making the food yourself, perhaps you might like to ask a good (food-minded) friend to jump in and help you out in the kitchen instead of sweating it out yourself. Drinks-wise you could enlist the help of a beverage-savvy mate who loves to make cocktails and get them to come up with a drink for your party. Avoid the potential problem of iPod DJs by either curating a killer playlist, or get a friend to DJ (or hire a band – the options are endless, really).

Be the ultimate host

One of the key things that will make your guests feel at home is if you are chilled out and enjoying the evening. Don’t get stressed out, and be sure to take the time to enjoy your party. After all, all this aside you really are supposed to have a good time once you’re done worrying about the potential things that can go wrong. Besides, there’s really not that much that can go wrong – you have mates, booze and food and a good time ahead, so just chill out and enjoy the night’s festivities!

Good luck throwing your party, and don’t forget to have fun and to supply plenty of non-alcoholic drinks for the designated drivers, too.