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[eltdf_dropcaps type=”normal” color=”#C0C0C0″ background_color=””]N[/eltdf_dropcaps]ot so long ago, it would have been fair enough to say that online gaming only appealed to a niche section of the population and you could pretty safely spot a ‘gamer’. Single, male, under about the age of 30 would have been the stereotypical gamer profile. Now, however, with so many online games available and all of us online pretty much 24/7, gaming has become a leisure activity that we all take part in and, increasingly, the number of female online gamers is growing.

A survey by the Internet Advertising Bureau looked at the online and gaming habits of 4,000 people in the UK in 2014. The results showed that 52% of the gamers in Britain were female, a 3% increase on a survey conducted three years earlier.

So what is it about online games that draws so many women to play them?

1. It fits in around ‘life’

busy life
Woman in Pink” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Mark Fischer

Most women are busy people and life is generally lived at a fast pace. While you might like the idea of loading your favourite game onto the console and playing for the whole evening, we girls don’t often have that amount of time available. When you’ve only got a few minutes to have some downtime, online gaming is an ideal way to get that little fix of relaxation and fun. You can play online games while you’re doing other things – such as cooking the dinner, journeying to and from work, or waiting to meet up with friends for a night out.

Paris Hilton is the perfect example of a busy woman who manages to squeeze time for fun into her schedule. As well as running a multi-million dollar global brand, she is also brand ambassador for online gaming website bgo and appears in the site’s TV ads alongside actor Troy Verner.  Paris’s photo pops up whenever you play online bingo games from and you can imagine her playing a few online games to unwind between meetings or on the way to her next DJing gig. And if Paris can fit some fun into her busy day, why can’t the rest of us?

2. It’s sociable

Many games that you can play online have a big social element to them – bingo is a prime example. In fact, many players who play online bingo games are more interested in the chat than the actual games. Buying a card to any game gives you entry into the chat room associated with it, where you can share your thoughts with other players – about anything and everything; not just the game you’re all playing.

If you want to chat with other players when playing at, you’ll find a section called “the lobby”. The first time you visit this area, you’ll be asked to create a “chat” name (which can be identical to your user name or something different). Once in the lobby, you’ll find a whole range of different rooms and games available.  For instance, if you select the bgo World tab, you’ll find various rooms such as the “Golden Galaxy” and “Fairy Delight” chat rooms; these areas of the site are open exclusively to bgo players. Players can then chat together as they play the same games – adding to the fun. Costa Bingo offers a similar chat room experience, whilst rocketbingo’s social areas are also well-designed.

3. It’s entertainment

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We all play games to have fun; so when you play online that’s still always the main objective. You want to be able to unwind and de-stress while being entertained. Games such as those found on bingo and casino sites are hugely varied, with a wide choice of each type of game available on every site, so there’s no chance of getting bored with playing the same old games. The possibility of being able to win cash while you’re playing is also another incentive. But when you want to just play for fun, you can do that too, opting to play in ‘free play’ mode.

The same goes for other types of online gaming where there’s no money element involved. For example, when you play games like Farmville, Dragon City or Clash of the Clans online, you can be diverted from real life whenever you want to. Whatever tasks the games set you, they’re absorbing and take your mind off any worries you might have, so they enable you to relax and chill out while you play.

Online games are fun and entertaining and often have a big social element attached to them – it’s no wonder that every girl’s turning into a gaming one these days.