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5 Secrets to Outdoor Wedding Bliss

outdoor wedding

outdoor wedding

Outdoor weddings are a truly romantic scene and are beautiful – plus you get a free and totally gorgeous backdrop for your pictures. Yes, while outdoor weddings are a stunning way to say ‘I do’, they do come with a few extra stipulations that dictate what you need to do and how you need to organize things. There are a couple of key potential issues which we’re going to outline – and our team at Open Air Events have put together five tips for outdoor wedding bliss so that your big day is a complete picture of perfection.

Think about your guests

When you’re planning your wedding, you probably aren’t thinking about the fact that it might be cool. You’re probably imagining a hot and sunny day (but not too hot – it’ll be perfect, right?) where there are no flies or mosquitoes and where the breeze is but the merest tickle. Sadly, the weather doesn’t work like that and there’s every chance that it might be blisteringly hot, cold, windy or even raining. Why not think about ensuring that you have a plan for your guests so that they’re not uncomfortable as you get married?

Have a backup plan

You might not have thought as far ahead as this just yet but it pays to be totally prepared for every eventuality. It may rain on your big day and so it’s important that you have a wet weather venue organised. This could be something as simple as having a marquee set up, or having an alternative venue lined up. The perfect outdoor wedding venue will have an indoor spot where you can say your vows and do the whole shamozzle in the event of some inclement weather, so be sure to factor this into your planning.

outdoor wedding

Make sure everyone can hear everything!

This is a hugely important part of your wedding and something that some people do sadly neglect to think about. When you’re picturing your fantasy wedding at the beach, you’re probably not thinking about the roaring waves and screaming kids running around and the sound of all this obscuring your vows. Far better to get some PA hire or organize some clip on microphones for the bridal party so that everyone can hear the ‘I do!’

Make the food a feature

Don’t let anyone go hungry at your wedding and make sure that your caterers have experience working in an outdoor setting. This can mean that they have the experience with coming in and setting everything up on their own – because often an outdoor wedding will require a full kitchen to be assembled in the middle of nowhere. If you’re hiring a caterer who usually works from a restaurant, they may have neither the time nor the ability to get everything set up, so be sure you stress this in your booking!

Cover your bases with permit

There are certain special permits and permissions that you need to get for certain things – you need a permit to fish in certain spots and you need a permit to camp in certain spots. It goes without saying then, that you need a permit to get married in certain spots! Be sure that you check the permit requirements with your local council or governing body so that you can actually get married on the day that you want to get married!

I do hope that planning your outdoor wedding goes off without a hitch and that you manage to get everything sorted out. This is by no means an exhaustive list, so if you do want some more informatio,n be sure to look on the interwebs for more. Good luck and happy planning!