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3 Disastrous Mistakes to Avoid When Purchasing Household Appliances

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Two years ago when I moved into a new home after many years of living in sharehouses, and all at once, I found myself in the unique position of having to buy all of my own appliances for the first time. You see, up until then, I had simply moved around and used whatever fridge, washing machine or microwave that the house had already. As such, when I had to buy my own stuff, I had pretty much no idea about what to get or what to avoid getting. Because I’m a practical sort of person, I made sure that I did a lot of research about the right appliances to get and found out a whole host of things about buying appliances and how to choose the best energy efficient electric heaters. I have put my top three mistakes to avoid together into a list in the hopes that it helps you, fellow appliance buyer, and that you manage to make the right choice!

Mistake One – Not paying attention to the energy rating

A huge part of buying appliances in today’s world is checking out what the energy efficiency is for your appliances. Not only does the energy efficiency play a vital role in how much the appliance is going to cost you to run, but it also plays a role in how much energy you use – which has a roll on effect for the power used, which makes it more or less environmentally friendly. Because I try to always make sure that I am buying environmentally friendly products as much as I can, this was a big consideration for me (and also impacted on my total power bill). Things to look for here are the energy efficient star rating on your appliance (for example: almost every appliance sold in Australia has to have this sticker rating on it as part of the buying process) and you can also ask questions online and in store. For heaters, this is a big consideration, and if you live in a chilly part of the world (like I did – Melbourne) then your heating bill is going to depend heavily on how efficient your appliances are.

Mistake Two – Not considering the total running costs

This comes into the first mistake, but it’s something that you really need to factor in when you’re buying an appliance. Part of this is thinking about how often you’re going to be using the appliance and for what, and then working out where it’s better to spend a bit more money for a better product, and when it’s ok to spend less on a less-frequently used item. Like I said before, if you’re using your heater a lot, then you should spend a little bit more on it initially, as it will save you money in the long term with your power bill.

Mistake Three – Choosing based on price

Tying things in nicely with mistake two, if you choose an appliance based on price alone, the money you save initially will soon be lost as you spend more money operating the appliance. This is where you’ll need to work out the annual running costs, and sacrifice the initial cost for the greater good!

I hope that this short guide on the mistakes to avoid when purchasing a new appliance has been helpful for you, and that you work out the best options for your home. Remember, shop wisely, compare products and don’t be suckered in by a cheap product just because of the price! It may come back to haunt you (in your power bill).