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5 Things You Should Know About Althea Korea

althea korea philippines box

*This post was originally posted last February 15, 2016 and was updated last February 27, 2017.

Frankly speaking, Seoul has replaced Paris as the city where in-the-know girls look to see what’s new, what’s now, and what’s next in beauty. Back in 2011 Marie Claire reported that Korean skin care is about 12 years ahead of other countries like the US and France in terms of technology. That’s why for the past decade Seoul has been a buzzed-about secret among beauty diehards. But now the secret is out and they’re expanding. Korean beauty products are more accessible these days especially in the Philippines, and thanks to Althea Korea it’ll be much more accessible.

althea korea philippines box

Photo Source: @skinniestjean

What is Althea Korea? What do they offer that others don’t, and is it really worth buying from them? They are new in the Philippines so I’m sure a lot of Filipinas have questions about their service, so here’s the five things you should know about Althea Korea:

1. Althea Korea is a company that just recently received funding from a Silicon Valley venture capital firm called 500 Startups. The amount was undisclosed, but it is enough to give Althea a confidence to push outwards Korea to the Southeast Asian Market. Currently they are in Singapore and Malaysia, and today, they just launched in the Philippines.

2. They do not just offer the trendiest and hard-to-find products from internationally well known Korean brands like Laneige, Innisfree, Tony Molly, Skinfood, Clio, 3CE, Nature Republic, Etude House, and Banila Co (to name a few), they also offer items from little-known brands like Piolang, B&Soap, and W-Lab that you should definitely add on your next haul.

3. Their products are 100% authentic and ships directly from Seoul, South Korea. Recently Tony Molly and Etude House filed a lawsuit against a well-known online shop in the Philippines for selling fake products. In Althea, Filipinas will no longer have to worry if they are buying fake products.

4. Althea offers free shipping on orders over Php999 and above. It takes at 10 days to arrive and has a 30-Day unconditional returns and refund. They have local partners so your orders will not be hold in customs, nor you have to pay customs duty. For more details, read the FAQ below.

5. Althea Korea promises that they will offer products om lowest possible price.

I was lucky to be one of their Beta Shoppers, meaning I was able to shop on their Philippine website on before the official launching today. And here’s what I got:

althea korea philippines

1. Etude House AC Clinic Daily Toner (Php460) // 2. Laneige Water Sleeping Mask (Php980) // 3. Clio Tinted Tattoo Kill Brow (Php750) // 4. Peri’s Tint Marker (Php340)  // 5. Black Pack Cleanser (Php560) // 6. Missha Red Ginseng Sheet Mask (Free)

I must say, without bias that 1) these are amazing products. 2) The shipping was fast (only 1 week) despite arriving straight from Korea to my doorstep. And 3) the products are authentic and actually cheaper than those offered by local stores. For example, the Laneige Water Sleeping Mask cost more than Php1000, in some even Php2000 but I only got it for Php980 for the same 70mL size.

I will tell all about my hauls in separate product reviews coming in a few days so watch out for it and follow me on Bloglovin so you won’t miss it.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: What is the Althea Philippines Discount Coupon, and how much discount will I get?

ANSWER: Every new sign up to Althea Philippines gets Php150 credits that they could use to shop, but you can also get Php200 Althea discount coupon when you sign up using this link. And you can get another Php150 credit when you register to their newsletter.

FAQ: Are my Althea orders will be held in the customs? And do I have to pay customs duty tax?

A: No and no. Althea partnered with a South Korean shipping company that partnered with Philippine’s LBC shipping company. So your orders will not be held in the local postal offices’ customs which are notoriously slow and corrupt. And this also means you don’t have to pay a pricey customs duty tax.

FAQ: What if my orders didn’t reach Php999, how much is their shipping fee?

A: Althea’s regular shipping fee cost Php260. So if your order didn’t reach Php999, I recommend contacting your friends. Asked them if there are items they’ve been wanting to buy in Althea so you all take advantage of the free shipping.

FAQ: What are the payment methods available?

A: Althea accepts credit card and PayPal, but if you don’t have those they partnered with DragonPay which has 4 payments methods: 1) OTC non-bank, 2) ATM/OTC, 3) Online Banking, and 4) “Cash On Delivery” for the Philippines residents. They had problems with it so they discontinued it before but as of August 17, 2017, they announced that is it back!

FAQ: I don’t have a bank account, how do I buy in Althea?

A: Most people who asked me these questions are students who don’t have bank accounts. So if you’re a student or someone without a bank account, I recommend choosing “Cash-on-Delivery” or paying thru DragonPay and choose OTC Non-Bank. OTC means “over-the-counter” so you don’t need a bank account. Just go to one of the banks listed in DragonPay that will be sent to your email address after you ordered. In the bank, get a deposit slip. Asked the guard if you don’t know what it is. Fill it up with the details sent to you by DragonPay and pay at the counter. That easy!

If you have more questions, don’t hesitate to ask below by leaving a comment. Or send me a direct message on my Instagram.

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  • I had no idea Korean beauty products were so advanced! That is so cool! Love the amazing products that you got here. I always love to try new products!


  • Jane Fitfabfun

    Love to know this brand! Thank you for sharing!
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  • I have been meaning to expand into asian skincare for quite some time now, I guess I will see what I can get here in Germany once my stash is a little smaller (I am working on it!)

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  • I have wanted to try asian skincare for ages now! I will check this out ASAP!

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    Sounds really good ! Didn’t knew it yet, thanks for sharing 🙂

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    great review..i also use some Korean skincare products & they are amazing!

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  • wow, that’s so great! I love Korean skincare but it’s hard to find them in the United States. I hope Althea Korea will ship worldwide soon or have a service like this here in the USA so I can purchase. Currently I have to buy from eBay/Amazon and it takes 2-3 weeks to ship from korea, and I have to worry about fake products

    -Lily from With Love Lily Rose

  • Althea

    Well said! Thank you so much for the lovely write up about us! We really cant wait on your reviews on your purchases from Althea. Dont forget to tag us!

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    Great review dear! Very interesting facts about korean skin care!
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  • That’s so cool that there is a subscription box for these types of products. Right now I can access some Korean brands from Target, a local superstore here in the US. But our selection is limited, especially of the boutique Korean brands.

    xx Yasmin

  • Jay Ann

    This article is very informative.
    I do have one question: Do Althea Korea include freebies in their package, like face mask or samples along with your order?

    • On my first order there was a Misha Red Ginseng Face Mask freebie, but on my second order there were no freebies. But on my third order that arrived last week, there was one small Skinfood Yuja Water Whitening Ampoule freebie again. I think they just put the freebies randomly.

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  • Louise Alcid

    use louisealcid for 50 point discount! <3

  • Kai Gomez

    Thank you for this! Been planning to buy in Althea, just researching more on which products I’ll buy. May I know the payment options in althea?

    • They accept PayPal. Credit Card, Bank Deposit and I think they just added Cash on Delivery as well

  • Jean Dalida

    Hi Style Vanity! Thanks for using my photo above! (@skinniestjean)

    • No, thank you! 🙂 It’s a nice photo. And I linked back to you.

  • Good sk

    hi, can you help me fill out their address book, they’re always denying our tel # .. ano ba dapat ko itype don sa “telephone”

    • Did you add a country code in your Telephone number +63 and your area code like 02 for metro manila?

  • I cannot speak on behalf of Etude House and Althea, only from my experience. But base on my experience with Althea, all the products I bought are authentic. I only bought 2 Etude products in Althea so far. It was the face sunblock and the contour stick and both has the same packaging with the products I bought from Etude’s branch in our local SM Mall. Hope that helps.

  • Nikka Ca-Ay Olvida

    How to order? and where is the location in the philippines?

    • Just go to Their office is in Seoul, South Korea but they ship directly to the Philippines for FREE if your order is Php999 or above. They accept bank deposit for those who do not have PayPal or Credit Card 🙂

  • Yean

    The free custom only apply in Philippine? Not all Asia country?

    • Hi Yean, I’m not sure about that. Please email Althea here regarding your question 🙂 But I’m sure you could use this code “stylevanity” to get a discount on your first order.

  • F A I T H

    Hi. Can i use more than 1 coupon code in althea?? Omg i just did my first order and I wasn’t able to use that 350 off code. Arghh i hate my self

    • F A I T H

      But i used the trendy on sale coupon code and got 600+ off on my order. Too bad for that first order discount :'(

      • Sign up for newsletter and write a review when they send you an email so you could always get a discount coupon 🙂

        • F A I T H

          Can i use more than 1 coupon code in 1 order?

          • Hi! No, you can only use 1 coupon per order. And you can only use each coupons once.

          • F A I T H

            Ohh. I see. Thanks for the quick reply!

  • Lizette Yuson

    Hi 🙂 How to deposit the payment using LBC with the given payment reference from althea?

    • Use DragonPay as payment option

  • It might get cancelled. Please email regarding your concern

  • 아미 언니 💕

    I think it’s because it’s Etude house Philippines and Althea is affiliated with Etude House Korea

  • Maria Gina Quarteros

    is 1 point equal to one peso or store credit?

    • One point is equal to one peso

  • I’m not sure about the LBC option, but there are two DragonPay options in Althea. One is paying thru banks while the other is thru DragonPay partners.