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5 Things You Should Know About Kristina Rihanoff


You would have to live under a rock not to know anything about the dance sensation, Kristina Rihanoff. She’s a fabulous favorite on the BBC’s, “Strictly Come Dancing,” lighting up every episode with her fancy footwork. She has style, class, and looks that capture the audience’s attention every time that she glides over the floor. Take look at five things youshould know about her the next time you see her picture or tune in for another night of dancing.


1. Children Matter to Kristina

Kristina is devoted to making this world a better place. That’s clear with her patronage to Dot Com’s Children’s Foundation. The foundation is dedicated to helping children to make safe choices as they navigate difficult choices in life. Most importantly, they are encouraged to have positive values in a world that is bombarded with negative influences. Kristina is a light in the darkness, lending her support to this worthy cause.

Kristina Fell in Love with Dance as a Child

Look at Kristina Rihanoff on Facebook and you’ll find that dancing has been a part of her life since she was a young child. It didn’t happen overnight. She has had many influences on her style, including ballet, Latin, and standard styles of dancing. Latin dancing captivated her.


Kristina was Raised in Siberia

It may surprise Kristina’s fans to know that she was raised in Siberia in a home that was immersed in music. It’s no wonder that dance called to her when her father, a man who was skilled as a musician and a composer, surrounded her with his influences.

Kristina Taught Dance

Kristina was only 16 when she passed on her love of dancing to other children by becoming a teacher. It was her opportunity to embrace dancing, an art that would become her profession as she refined her talents. At the same time, she delved into the potential that her students displayed with each session. Her love of children was obvious even then and would follow her later in life with her charitable efforts.

Kristina Holds a Master’s Degree

Kristina Rihanoff is more than a pretty face. Not only does she have a big heart, the dancer has brains as well. She earned her master’s degree in the field of hospitality and tourism. She may not have went into the hotel business, but she has become an ambassador for dance, traveling around the world to exhibit and refine her dance skills year after year.