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Should You Get A Vintage Engagement Ring?

engagement ring

vintage engagement ring

Has your beloved been hinting at an antique engagement ring or do you want to surprise her with something really special?

Do You Know What She Really Likes?

A lot of guys will head to jewellers with no idea what their partner could want. Here’s how to Shop for vintage engagement rings at Kalmar Antiques’ online store. One fail-proof style is a diamond in the centre with a few stones around the shoulders. Pinterest is a massive help too. Check out her Pinterest page to see what she’s been admiring to help figure out her ring style.

Setting a Budget

Unless you’re incredibly well-to-do, you’re going to be guided by budget. You could get something very inexpensive or you could make the sky the limit. Price is usually dictated by the quality and size of the centre stone. If you’re on a rather tight budget, choose a smaller, clearer white diamond or even a bigger, darker stone. If you’re thinking diamonds, try to avoid any colour grade below K, which is too yellow and any cut below Very Good which doesn’t have much sparkle.

Do You Know Her Ring Size?

Sneak into her ring box and borrow an item to get an idea of her ring size. Don’t worry if you don’t know her ring size, though, you could always resize it once you get in engaged. Any jeweller can resize a ring, it’s really simple.

Does She Follow Any Trends?

If your girlfriend loves to follow fashion, that could help you figure out the type of vintage ring to choose from antique dealers in Sydney like Kalmar Antiques. The majority of ladies prefer a ring that has a low profile, as opposed to a diamond that rises right up off the finger.

What Does She Do For a Living?

Does your girlfriend work with her hands? If so, you’ll want to avoid more delicate vintage rings, such as pearl varieties.

Be Sure To Work With a Jeweller You Trust

Guys sometimes want to get engaged as soon as they can. It’s a kind of romantic sense of urgency. But take your time finding a jeweller you trust and the vintage ring she’s sure to say yes to. When shopping online for a ring, you’ll easily figure out which jewellers are reputable by scouring online communities. Check out reviews from past customers. Don’t just read the site’s testimonials. Also take a look at the return policy and make sure there is enough time to see the ring and confirm that you like it – at least 14 days or so.

Would She Say Yes To an Antique Diamond?

Vintage diamonds just have so much history and soul and there’s always a story to be told. Anything that is old just seems to have a wonderful feel – kind of like an old pair of jeans. A new diamond, of course, looks squeaky clean.  Vintage rings are also guaranteed to be one of a kind and the most conflict-free, eco-friendly diamond is an old one. It’s something she’s going to wear for the rest of her life, so make sure it’s special.

Make sure you choose a vintage ring she is going to be proud to wear for the rest of her life and one that will stand the test of time on her finger. Remember, get an idea for the fashion she likes and let that guide you when choosing the style.

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