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Making sure that you get a good night’s sleep is vital for good health, and for happiness. Studies have been performed which show that sleep and depression are intrinsically linked, and so you need to ensure that sleep is a focus for you. Getting enough sleep rests your body and your brain and ensures that you recover sufficiently from the exertions of the previous day. Many people have no problems falling asleep but then wake up frequently during the night, while others still will have troubles falling asleep, but then will find it no trouble to sleep through until morning. No matter which camp you fall into, sleep hygiene and preparing for bed is a vital part of falling asleep and staying there, so let’s take a look at some simple bedtime tips for helping you to sleep peacefully.

Tip One: Prepare for sleep with a routine

One of the not-so-secret tips for getting a good night’s sleep is to follow a hard-and-fast routine for getting off to sleep. Your routine might consist of showering in a nice warm temperature, followed by dabbing some lavender on your pillow. Drink a nice warm glass of herbal tea (perhaps peppermint or ‘sleepytime’ time which is blend of lemon grasses and other herbs) and then hop into bed with a good book. Be sure not to use any kind of electronic devices in bed, because this can disrupt your bedtime routine to the point that you’ll find yourself still awake hours after you hop into bed.

Tip Two: Sleep naked

Studies have shown that when you sleep naked, you have the ability to regulate your body heat better, and your body will also be able to better regulate your cortisol levels. Cortisol is a chemical in the body which is vital for regulating stress levels, and too much cortisol in the body can cause serious issues. Also, if your cortisol levels are high, you’ll have the potential for increased anxiety, cravings for bad food and also the potential for weight gain. Sleeping naked means you can better regulate your body’s cortisol levels – and there’s the added benefit of not having to bother with clothing.

Tip Three: Opt for the best

If you try to ensure that your pillow is excellent and your mattress is top notch, you’ll ensure that the sleep you have is great. Your mattress plays a huge role in your sleep quality, and up until I bought a new mattress from Oz Mattress online, I had put up with my sub par mattress with a dip in the middle! As soon as I had a new mattress, things improved markedly. Plus, try to sleep in different positions in bed, because changing your sleeping position can be highly beneficial to ensuring good quality of sleep.

Tip Four: Regulate your circadian rhythm

You need to reduce the exposure you have to light an hour or two before you head off to sleep. Bright lights can cause you to react to them, and think it’s still daylight, and our mammalian brains need to have reduced light to experience quality sleep.

Tip Five: White noise is your friend

If you have a white noise generator – even on your phone – you’ll notice a difference if you’re bothered by outside noises. Something as simple as having a fan on will allow your brain to focus on the constancy of that without being disrupted by other sounds.

I hope that these short tips will go on to be a helpful resource for you in your sleep endeavors! Getting off to sleep and staying there has long been one of my problems, but since I bought a new mattress and made some changes to my sleep habits, I have been sleeping like a baby. Top notch sleep, even. Good luck!