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10 Crucial Questions to Ask Your Wedding Venue

2015 wedding trends | downtown abbey themed wedding

2015 wedding trends | downtown abbey themed wedding

You can never be too thorough when planning a wedding; no matter how prepared you think you may be, there will still be areas that will require special attention. Even with all the info we provide, though, you’ll need to address your specific needs with each venue you visit to come up with a perfect choice. We’ve made this process easier for you by shortlisting our 10 most crucial questions to ask your wedding venue.

1. Is there a back up plan available?

Make sure to establish whether or not the venue has a contingency plan, for both weather and other unforeseeable circumstances. If not, ask if they will allow you to put one in place. Ensure you pick the right venue that reflects style and quality, like the waterfront wedding venues Melbourne has to offer.

2. What time will my guests have to leave the venue?

To avoid any nasty surprises, and to make sure the celebrations aren’t cut short, ask your venue if they will be expected to vacate the venue at a specific time. Understanding the timeline of the day will help you plan more efficiently. Ask the reception hall to write the time in the contract, and find out if there are any charges for overstaying.

3. Do I have freedom in selecting my vendors?

In regards to weddings vendors such as caterers and florists, some venues will expect you to choose their affiliated options. Sometimes you can avoid this, but often at a sizeable cost. Ensure you know straight off the bat whether you are obliged to use their vendors.

4. What are they payment details?

First off, it is important to know if there is a minimum spend. If you don’t fulfill this minimum spend, will there be any consequences? Are there any additional costs, for example service costs? In order for the most stress-free process possible, it is imperative that the venue is upfront and transparent about all financial details. It is also important to note if payment is expected before or after the wedding.

5. Who is responsible for setting up and pack down?

Often, wedding venues will cover the setup and pack down of the space for an extra fee. However, this isn’t always the case. Make sure you establish whether there will be any help on the day, and if not, a good option is to offer the caterer and florist an extra fee to help out. If all else fails, enlist some trusty friends and family to help out on the day.

6. How many weddings will be booked on my day?

This question will only be relevant if you’re booking a large venue space. However, it is important to know if your wedding may be interrupted at any point, or if you should expect any people at the venue that aren’t part of your wedding.

7. Do we bring our own alcohol or will there be a bar? If BYO, are there any corkage fees?

Supplying your own alcohol at your wedding is a great way to save money. However, not all wedding venues offer this option. Find out whether you can bring your own alcohol, and if so, whether there is a corkage fee.

8. Will there be any staff present on the day?

Some wedding venues have a facility director, that may or may not be present on your wedding day. Ask if this is a facility that the venue offer, and establish exactly what services the facility director will provide, and if there are any costs are associated with this.

9. What is the music/sound equipment available?

The dance floor at a wedding is an integral part of the celebrations. Ask whether there are ample DJ decks, speakers, microphones and cords available to cater to all your music needs. Ask if there is an in-house DJ, or whether you can provide one at your discretion. It’s also important to know if there are any hiring fees for using the venue’s sound equipment.

10. Are there adequate facilities, such as bathrooms, coat rooms, disabled access and parking?

In order to make your wedding guests feel as comfortable as possible, there needs to be adequate bathroom facilities, as well as a coat room if your wedding is going to be in a cold climate. As well as this, find out whether there is ample parking space, and whether the venue has any disabled access.

So, to avoid the disappointment of having to see – and then reject – what seems like the perfect wedding venue, take heed of these 10 questions before you go venue hunting.