perils of online shopping

[eltdf_dropcaps type=”normal” color=”#C0C0C0″ background_color=””]I[/eltdf_dropcaps]t was a nice Sunday afternoon, I was in my bed flicking through different channels of my AndroidTV but everything were re-runs or crappy. So I switched to Netflix, but surprisingly I was not in the mood for binge watching. Then I opened my laptop, suddenly it was like my hands had a mind of its own and it led me to Zalora women’s shoes page. So I told myself “I’ll just browse, it won’t take long” but minutes later I saw these adorable metallic shoes with whiskers and ears of a mouse and only 1 stock left on my size. Less than a minute later it was already in my cart, impulsively bought it. And that my dear readers are the perils of online shopping.

Zalora women’s shoes

These Hickory Low Cut Sneakers arrived the next morning and told myself all day that I regret nothing. Raise your hand if this happened to you also: You just open your laptop, phone, tablet or any device that has access online and then ended up buying something online?

Well, I can’t actually see you but I’m assuming most of you are raising you hands because nowadays it’s much more easier and faster to shop women’s fashion online. I really do not regret anything on buying those mouse shoes because it was comfortable, cute and wasn’t really that pricey. But despite that, we must all learn to restrain ourselves from online shopping. That, or just learn how to shop online the smart way. Just remember:

Find Deals Online

Since the rise of online shopping, the rise of coupon and deals sites also increased. When you found something online, take time to visit an online deal site like the super popular RetailMeNot in the US or this in the Philippines before purchasing. It’s not really that time-consuming plus the amount you save will be worth it.

Understand the Return Policies

Online stores’ return policies differ greatly, some doesn’t even accept returns. So before you make a purchase make sure that you thoroughly read and understood their return policy. And if they don’t have one, be 100 percent certain that you really like the item you are buying and most importantly, it will fit you perfectly.

Know Your Measurements

Get a measuring tape, if you don’t have one then buy one. It’s a great investment. Before you purchase new clothes, online, measure your body first. Know the sizes of your waist, hip, bust, and even the length of your legs both in inches and centimeters. Trust me, this would save you a lot of time and even money. It’s because most online shops mentions not only the size of their items but also the dimensions to make sure if it will really fit you. This will help you avoid returning the item for a wrong size.

Now that we are perfectly aware of the perils of online shopping, I hope these tips will help you to be a smart online shopper.