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Tips on Finding a Wedding Venue

wedding venues

wedding venues

When it comes to weddings, as I have observed, people often put the dress first. There’s nothing wrong about that because women loves shopping for dresses. But for me I think the first thing should be on the bride-to-be’s to-do list is their wedding venue. Especially if the month she wanted to get married will be on their country’s so-called “wedding season”. Getting the venue she wanted, especially on those months that falls in the wedding season will be quite difficult because a lot of couples will be getting married also. So how to find an available wedding venue? Easy, go online!

Wedding organizers, if you have one, will be surely able to help you too. But it will be great if you do your own research as well. Just in case you find a wedding venue that you like more than your organizer pre-selected for you from their list. Since there are so many you can find online, like these wedding venues in Western Sydney. And also take note of the following:

1. Is it in your city or near your city?

Or will it be a destination wedding? It depends on you and your budget. Sometimes the farther your venue, the transportation fee for the delivery of the flowers, cake or the catering will be higher. And the band, if you opted for one, might charge you a bit higher. So make sure those mentioned and the venue are just in the vicinity.

2. The Weather

Some locations also different weather. Different countries, of course, have different weathers but there are also some cities that are in the same country that are more sunny or rainy than the other cities. So you have to do a weather research as well.

And the most important…

3. Will your guests be able to go there?

Perfect example is Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello’s wedding in Mexico. Sofia mentioned in one interview the reason they choose Mexico is because the States is too far for her family in Colombia, while Colombia is too far for Joe’s family in the States. So they chose Mexico which is just in between those two countries. Meaning you have to keep in mind your guests, especially your family’s locations on choosing a wedding venue.